MEAT: (435)

1“you better call tyyyyyronnneeee…”
yeah sowhats his number?…
no seriously,
whats tyrone’s number?
i want this meat…

tyrone is a fitness trainer and judging from his arm tattoo,
he’s also a scorpio….

tumblr_mqs85c9i5Q1syoo2oo7_250-1you already know how i feel about the scorps.
the f-bi who gets more intel on tyrone gets 10 gold stars today for homework.
these lovely shots were taken by:

x natasha smith photography

x see natasha’s portrait blog

^check her out for more!

9 thoughts on “MEAT: (435)

  1. LAWWWWWWWWDDDDDDD have mercy, Kelly Clarkson Eddie Murphy (in my B.Scott voice) this man is just FINNNEE!!!!! that made my whole damn week seeing all of that chocolate

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