We’re Fags, We’re Thristy, and We Will Bow Down To The Vagina

Microphone-on-stageeveryone meet tessa scott.
she left this wonderful message in the ( x darwin randolph ) entry i wrote.
stage is yours ts:

“Amen..a bunch of thirsty fags swarming like a vulture for some flesh… this dude probably wouldn’t even look at their trashy azz if they attended his church or any place..lol. Gay men are some of the nastiest beings which is why the word abomination is used to describe their lives and lifestyle.”

ouch…well hot damn.
such harsh words.

i have sensitive eyes ts!
well i’m not one to bash someone’s opinion.
if thats what you think of all of “us” then so be it.
who am i to try and change or even fight?
it did have me wondering about vixens and their real opinion on us.
the real opinion seems to fly out when we are attracted to the same wolf.
not when we are doing their hair,
picking out their clothes,
and gossiping about who fucked us that is d/l.
oh no thats always okay.
are they really using us tho?
do they find us a challenge?
most of the time we get their wolf in shining armor.
the one with the good hair and premium sperm.
i started to wonder…

How much can we trust vixens?

“well maybe you are going through drama in your life because…
well i don’t want to be the one who says it..
but god, ya know.”

um wtf?
so because i like men means my life is doomed?
that was the words of a vixen i happened to open myself too.
im very private so when i tell you about me and what i like,
that must mean you’re special.
when you say dumb shit like that tho,
you automatically get the X button from my existence.

620479-tumblr_mg069cnnrf1qde3eto2_500i always find it funny how vixens have all this to say about us,
yet when you go to @attentionwhore #689989381239120 comment box,
it’s most them setting up shop and selling gatorade.
sure you see one or two of “us” embarrassing themselves,
but 95% is “the vaginas”.
now i like vixens,
some of them are sexy as hell,
but a majority of them are stupid as fuck.
they the ones who getting pregnant by the red flags.
doing all kind of desperate shit to keep a wolf.
one who ain’t even worth it in the end.
i appreciate the ones who comment here.
they don’t talk to us like accessories for their disposal.
thank you for that.

in life,
you will meet all kind of vagina.
some of them will fall for you because you aren’t “the rule”.
others will want us to be their cooks,
closet hangers,
and gossip mags.
how much trust can you really put in “the vaginas”?
do we set ourselves up letting them into our closets?
and how do we know which ones are really real?
i have meet vixens of all kinds,
and i can say the ones i know aren’t idiots.
the ones who are overly religious,
just want “the scoop”,
and become mini drag queens tho…
exit stage left.
we need to start charging for access into the lifestyle and the secrets we keep.
if only the vaginas knew what we knew.
the secrets.
the lies.
their lies.
their secrets.

“HIS” as well.
we could bring down the nation.
i had to ask…

Should the vixens really be bowing down to us?

21 thoughts on “We’re Fags, We’re Thristy, and We Will Bow Down To The Vagina

  1. I don’t trust straight women AT ALL!! They are messy and worried about everyone’s business but their own and most of them are homophobic. I try to keep my distance

  2. My $0.02: How exactly do women react to every attractive male celebrity? How did they swoon over an obviously queer Luther? How do they STILL act at Prince concerts?

    Who is Karinne Steffans? Melyssa Ford? Kim Kardashian? Are those upstanding women who haven’t been as trashy-or more-than the messiest gay man?

    EXACTLY. Tessa might as well change her name to Pot.

    In here defense (not really tho) lust is a sin. However, none of us are free from sin. None of us-including the aforementioned Pot-have room to judge another’s sin, either.

  3. We have talked about this in the past and I will be the first to admit that it is hard as hell for me to trust a str8 vixen. I know many bad ass vixen but I will never get on a personal level with them and my business. I have two that I recently started fooling with on a different level and I still dont fully trust them all the way to get really personal. I know both are cool but its still a part of them dont like the fact that when you are masculine and fit the ideal of what they want, and you want a another man. I dont care how much they say they dont care, they do. Case in point, I was at this str8 hot spot a couple weeks ago and unbeknownst to me, it was a gay dude having a bday party and apparently he rented out half the club for his event, well gay dudes started floating in from everywhere and many of the str8 people were unaware of what was going on and I could tell the whole vibe of the spot changed. As the liquor flowed the Queens started doing everything but dancing on the table tops. Well many black str8 dudes were not having it and begin to leave. Well my vixen str8 wolf friend was there partying and he came up to us and said “Bro its getting crazy in here, we being out numbered watch out playa” Well I just laughed it off because he had no idea about me. Well my vixen friend hinted to her homie that no I was just like the rest of the dudes in there. I was like WTF, why the hell does he need to know that. I was like Im glad I followed my first mind about vixen, they are messy as fuck and be hating on the low. The funny thing about it was oh boy never really caught on to what she was saying I think he was a little slow, but I am sure she told him later on. This was strike two for her, because hanging out with her at another str8 spot a while back another one of her str8 wolf friends was mean mugging me thinking I was talking to her, just a thing I noticed with a lot of black str8 dudes when you are well groomed and dressed nice, well she dont know I heard her whisper to him that oh no thats just my homeboy and he is gay. This dude then look at me like I was shit, like he had something over me, and I was like in my mind, you dont want none partner because I will not be disrespected by anyone gay or str8. So I continue to keep my distance from them and not open up fully. I think str8 vixen deep down have little to no respect for gay dudes when it really comes down to it, but enjoy our company because we are hot, dress nice, and always the life of the party. I overheard one vixen at this spot say, I just love partying with the homo’s.

    S/N now if I could meet a YColette vixen I think I could open up and hang out with her, she seems cool and not judgmental nor does she seem to treat gay men like they are caricatures without any real feelings or emotions. Just a shout out to you Ma, always like your perspective 🙂

    1. Your vixen-friend would probably go off if you had a good looking friend that wanted her and you said to him “No, don’t fuck wit her, she a hoe.”

    2. Thank you for the complement. That vixen who “tried” to out you to her straight male friend is trifling and shady.I agree you shouldn’t trust her.
      I dated a guy who was on the DL and I didn’t even “out” him to anyone. That experience made me a better person. Fortunately I didn’t become bitter but more emphatic and compassionate. He is living as an openly Gay man now and is engaged to get married. I am happy for him because he is happy and unburdened by that secret.
      I don’t see Gay men as competition just like I don’t see non Black woman as competition. I don’t take it personal if a Handsome,sexy brother dates White women because that’s who he is attracted to.Unlike my friends I don’t feel offended maybe because I attended a mixed high school.The breakdown was 30% Black 35 %White 20% Hispanic and 15% Asian so there was a lot of interracial dating.
      I got nothing but love for my Black brothers Straight and Gay although some of y’all are trifling 🙂
      BTW I have more male friends than female.

      1. Not to start anything against interracial couples but I’m sorry, Black dudes always go with the trashiest funky looking White girls.I really hope Black women are not jealous of those trashy skanks because the White women are always ugly, fat, or a combo.What would you have to be jealous of, those chicks are ugh in the face.Hiedi Klum was the only attractive White woman I’ve seen with a Black man and Seal was nothing to write home about facially.Black men only go with White women because they’re easy.I’m sure not all of them are like that because some are out of self-hate.

  4. This is why I cant have a job. I miss ignorant comments and chances to curse people out. I wanted to tell u earlier but the daily news posted about the grocery stores and the violations…smh some are in your readers neighborhoods and yall need to be safe.

    1. ^i wish more vixens were like S and Y.
      they bring something to the foxhole,
      are not judgmental,
      and just aren’t about the bullshit.
      I respect that and thank you both for everything!

      ill check out that grocery store thing asap.

  5. A lot of women do feel they can compete with gay men. I see that happen a LOT. A lot of them love us when we’re entertaining them and being overly dramatic and flamboyant, but don’t get serious and talk about how good you’re boyfriend is and shit. With a lot of these reality tv shows and a lot of shit I see celebrities do with gay men, I can tell that a lot of women don’t take gay men seriously. God forbid they find out a man is on the DL (i.e. K. Michelle & Johnny Crome)

  6. Vixens need to keep there mouths closed about our lifestyle that they know nothing about. We can talk about wanting him all we want. It’s not like we are acting pushing up on him, so therefore we are not thirsty.

    On top of all that, I’ll still fuck pastor Darwin and I don’t give a single fuck if anyone doesn’t like it. He bad af, and he got a fat pipe for me to suck on, and fat ass for me to poke lol. I know that was a little explicit, but y’all get the point lol.

  7. This whole straight vs gay thing is stupid! It doesn’t matter your sexuality, straight, gay, bi, tri or whatever you want to call yourself, it’s the character of the person. From what I have seen, this is just some trolls starting some comment wars. Gay men go and bash women as low in intelligence, ugly, trappers etc. and the women retaliate by saying gay men are disgusting, whores, and “women wannabes”. Yet in either group you will find ppl who fit all of these descriptions, ppl who are the exact opposite and everything in between. Like you said Jamari, I will not bash anyone’s opinion, but this whole thing of “women/gay men hate on us b/c we get the good men and…” to me is not going anywhere. There will always be women who feel like they are superior to gay men and vice-versa. But there are also so many ppl who just want both sides to calm done and put the issues behind them and just live together w/minimal conflict. I know it may seem childish and fanciful waiting for that, but I’ll be happy when that day comes.

    1. ITA with you there are Women who hate Gay men and Gay Men who hate Straight Women.But I believe they are in the minority .This woman sounds bitter probably because she can’t get a man and blames Gay men.It’s interesting that many women like her call Male homosexuality an abomination yet don’t condemn female homosexuality.Why?

      Personally I avoid Bitter,hateful people whether they be Male, Female, Gay or Straight. I don’t wan’t that negativity in my life,it’s toxic.

  8. If were such an abomination I guess Darwin is one too. He was gettin a lil bum hole via twitter.

  9. Gay life is such an abomination as she put it but these females are always the most curious about it. Gays are such an aboination but her ass still on this site and felt the need to comment. Bitch please

  10. God I really can’t stand straight women. I hate to say this but when they claim they were rape I don’t believe it because I had girls claim I touch them which made me laugh because I am GAY which means I’m attracted to men like myself. They are nothing but baby carriers with fat mouth. One minute they are tough, but when someone catch their bullshits that when they start to cry. Grow the fuck up you stupid two time face cunt. Tessa you need to get laid or stop getting laid, I’m sorry you’re fucking bitch and I am sorry that you’re 30 btw because I know men don’t like something used. This whore need to mind her own business and find a man because her opinions are running low.

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