how do we know we aren’t canceling innocent folks over lies?

when social media gets on a wave,
do we get on that wave.
we will surf that muthafucka until we wipe clean out.
as of late,
i’ve been thinking of social media’s obsession with canceling others.
some days,
i can’t keep up with everyone who gets canceled.
don’t get me wrong,
some deserve their cancelations.
merely riled up a group of “sjws”.
social justice warriors for those who don’t know.
it reminds me that we truly never left high school.

You weren’t part of the popular crowd if you didn’t fit in/follow the crowd

this leads me to dangers of the “#metoo/times up” movement…

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You Ain’t A Somebody Until You’re A Liar

social media isn’t real.
i keep hearing that phrase lately.
we have fonted about it in the foxhole.
when you’re at a low point in your life,
everyone on social media seems up.
everyone’s realities might not be real either.
it seems those that are the most popular.
they have the joy and stress of keeping up with the joneses.
everyone is fascinated of lifestyles that aren’t real.
bawdy parts that are made of plastic and fix-a-flat.
cribs and cars that are either rented or don’t exist.
if we aren’t careful,
we are wrapped up in those lies and end up comparing ourselves.
we stan for someone who is selling jackal tickets.
nothing worse than being a fan/stan of a front and faker.
i had to wonder tho…

Do people really love the lies?

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This Is What I “Had” Heard About You (Rumors)

largei believe rumors are started from four key ingredients:

the obvious

i’ll tell you how
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“Hazmat” is Really Negative

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.07.29 PMliving the “social media life” can be hazardous to your health.
just ask hazmat.
well his name is laboy456.
he was ( x the pineapple from last entry ) who allegedly gave people hiv.
well come to find out

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Fake, Fraud, and FlimFlammery: The Life of Apollo Nida

liarliarwell i knew this was going to happen.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
apollo nida from #rhoa was going to come clean sooner or later.
i was waiting for everyone and his idiot wife to play catch up…
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We’re Fags, We’re Thristy, and We Will Bow Down To The Vagina

Microphone-on-stageeveryone meet tessa scott.
she left this wonderful message in the ( x darwin randolph ) entry i wrote.
stage is yours ts:

“Amen..a bunch of thirsty fags swarming like a vulture for some flesh… this dude probably wouldn’t even look at their trashy azz if they attended his church or any Gay men are some of the nastiest beings which is why the word abomination is used to describe their lives and lifestyle.”

ouch…well hot damn.
such harsh words.

i have sensitive eyes ts!
well i’m not one to bash someone’s opinion.
if thats what you think of all of “us” then so be it.
who am i to try and change or even fight?
it did have me wondering about vixens and their real opinion on us.
the real opinion seems to fly out when we are attracted to the same wolf.
not when we are doing their hair,
picking out their clothes,
and gossiping about who fucked us that is d/l.
oh no thats always okay.
are they really using us tho?
do they find us a challenge?
most of the time we get their wolf in shining armor.
the one with the good hair and premium sperm.
i started to wonder…

How much can we trust vixens?

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