You Ain’t A Somebody Until You’re A Liar

social media isn’t real.
i keep hearing that phrase lately.
we have fonted about it in the foxhole.
when you’re at a low point in your life,
everyone on social media seems up.
everyone’s realities might not be real either.
it seems those that are the most popular.
they have the joy and stress of keeping up with the joneses.
everyone is fascinated of lifestyles that aren’t real.
bawdy parts that are made of plastic and fix-a-flat.
cribs and cars that are either rented or don’t exist.
if we aren’t careful,
we are wrapped up in those lies and end up comparing ourselves.
we stan for someone who is selling jackal tickets.
nothing worse than being a fan/stan of a front and faker.
i had to wonder tho…

Do people really love the lies?

i was watching rhoa last night and i couldn’t help but shake my head.
some of these vixens are really living way beyond their means.
all to keep up on a show that just isn’t real.
it’s actually quite pathetic.

where they live
their lifestyle
the cars

all of it could be beautiful lies.
like that show,
we all live in this reality show of other liars.
some of us don’t have the luxury of ten camera men and a boom mic.
we have a social media account that we can twist and turn in our favor.
anyone can be “someone” with the right angles or mystery.

“how are they affording this lifestyle?”
“where do they work to always be traveling?”
“why are they always flexing,
but no 9 to 5 in sight?”

those of us who are honest are he new “liars”.
i think society has changed to actually adore the liars.
if i was this blogging gold digger,
always talking about some nfl baller i fuck that pays my bills,
while putting up pictures of what i allegedly own

I’d be the president

i talk about my struggles,
and state of mind at that current moment in full honesty to the foxhole.
i’m “drama” to everyone else.
others who play a game for likes and social media domination?
the gods and goddesses that need their water at room temperature.
some of the gays love a good liar.
they will fight you over someone who is clearly a front,
but once that hyena/jackal is exposed,
will throw shade and banish them.
it’s weird af.

i had to wonder about the real reality of today.
no one likes your story until you’re shopping at barneys.
they like the “after”.
you are respected once you’ve made it or you’re dead.
until then…

Is it better to keep up a good lie until you can show and prove?

i don’t know if i could keep up with that.

16 thoughts on “You Ain’t A Somebody Until You’re A Liar

  1. The solution is to get off of social media, stop watching mind degrading shows like “Housewives” and get back into the real world. You will see that you are surrounded by normal people, with normal struggles, and you will be reminded that everyone is out here grinding just like you are. The more you’re on social media, the more “normal” it seems, but it’s all constructed. The minute you take some space from it, it won’t matter who’s stunting or not, because you’ve reclaimed yourself, and are focusing on YOUR path and YOUR grind.

    What they’re doing or how they got there doesn’t matter. They’re still human at the end of the day, they aren’t better nor worse than you. They’re not gods so I honestly don’t see the obsession. What good are they doing for humankind? They are just pretty people who take pictures big whoop. Focus on yourself and you’ll get to where you need to be, even if it doesn’t manifest itself as “having an attentionisto life” I’m sure you’ll find that what you gain from hard work and perseverence will turn out much more valuable than any Attentionisto stuntin can yield.
    Don’t sweat it and get off social media. Things will become clear.

    1. Finding productive things to do is really great for self-esteem. Learning something new, knocking things off your bucket list will make you feel on top of the world. You will realize that the things that the attentionisto fantasy only gives hedonistic material pleasure which is only short term, while doing things that contribute to your self-development willshape your life for the long haul.

      1. I’m being serious though, try to get off social media, you will stop comparing yourself to others lol. I’ve been there, and taking a hiatus from social media is one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind if you find yourself comparing yourself. Try it! you will feel better.

    2. Dignified, your comment is nothing but truths. I take breaks from social media a few times a year when I feel like I’m on it too much. I’ve been catching up with reading book I’ve had my eye on for awhile or even something simple like going for a walk puts me in a better place. Like you said in your comment it all depends on WHAT we’re following and what we are allowing in our space that will affect us.

      1. You got it Mikey! They seem simple but do wonders for clearing the mind and putting the mind at ease! That´s exactly what I´m talking about!

  2. Its crazy how ppl flexing social media will have you doubting yourself, your life path, and abilities and unfortunately we all fall victim to the envy at some point. But in reality 9 times outta 10 these same ppl are ridiculously unhappy and have unending drama behind the scenes. The ones that show off the most tend to have the shadiest business. I rather someone be real and vulnerable much like yourself Jamari than fake the funk because we’re all human and nothing is peachy keen 100% of the time.

  3. I agree with tajan people are so messed up in their life knowingly or unknowingly, that they attach themselves vicariously to someone/ thing else for that temporary escape.

    theirs a movie called network that had a great line
    I’m paraphrasing

    “The American people are turning sullen. They’ve been clobbered on all sides by Vietnam, Watergate, the inflation, the depression; they’ve turned off, shot up, and they’ve fucked themselves limp, and nothing helps”

    It’s dated but it points out how their too many distractions keeping us away from ourselves

    With that being said Jamari you just like everyone else have to be real with yourself and that isn’t easy. But I noticed somehow you manage to do that. That’s why people appreciate you your genuine !

    1. ^i am honest with my struggle.
      it gets difficult.
      hell I can’t lie anyway because some of my close folks read the foxhole.
      they can confirm and deny so it would be stupid for me to fake the funk.

  4. Americans in general have been fed so many lies for so long that it easy to believe that we are now living in an alternative fact free universe. You got the so call President who was able to get into the highest office in the land telling white folks a bunch of damn lies of how he was going to bring them back to the Glory days before those pesky minorities ruined everything and they ate it up,never once stopping to believe that somebody with everything is never going to give a shit about a broke poor person with nothing. Our country has everybody thinking that they too one day can be rich and famous if they only believe. You now have so many people risking their lives, reputation, credit, you name it, just for some likes and adulation on social media, or hoping their antics will land them on a reality show. When you dont buy the Bullshit, you are a hater blocking their dreams. You have an administration full of inept white men who have lied, cheated and stolen everything and ran over everybody to get to the top so it is not crazy to think that everybody else thinks these are the values to make it.

    I aint complaining about all the eye candy, but I can still remember when most Black dudes especially str8 ones were shy and did not show you anything, now you cant beat em slinging pipe on the Gram for likes, and a chance to sponsor a Pre-Workout Drink for a couple of coins. Gone are the days of advancing your education to get ahead. We living in a “Use what you got, to get what you want”- kind of world. I dont buy nothing no one is selling anymore, even legit people get the side eye from me now because it is so much foolishness out here that it is hard to separate what is even real anymore. I dont see this trend ending anytime soon and I can also see that this is not going to end well for any of us.

    1. ^amazing comment tajan.

      ive been comparing myself to others on social media.
      asking myself why am I not “there” yet?
      people I know showing love to others and completely ignoring me.
      it’s enough to make you feel like you don’t matter.
      i can see why others kill themselves when all they want is a chance to be taken seriously.
      it’s very destructive,
      but im learning to repeat that phrase:

      “Social media is not real”

      There are people i know who are not real.
      It’s all quite sad and is making us all either depressed or competitive.

    2. Love this! And completely agree its crazy how a quote from da Players Club of all movies epitomizes today’s society

  5. Tbh, I’ve noticed that I occasionally compare myself to others and it ruins my perception of where I am and how my walk and struggle is different.

    I have to routinely tell myself they got that way in their body, enjoyment, vacation time, looks, and etc by whatever their walk was and I just have to make my way to what I need to in my own way.

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