You Ain’t A Somebody Until You’re A Liar

social media isn’t real.
i keep hearing that phrase lately.
we have fonted about it in the foxhole.
when you’re at a low point in your life,
everyone on social media seems up.
everyone’s realities might not be real either.
it seems those that are the most popular.
they have the joy and stress of keeping up with the joneses.
everyone is fascinated of lifestyles that aren’t real.
bawdy parts that are made of plastic and fix-a-flat.
cribs and cars that are either rented or don’t exist.
if we aren’t careful,
we are wrapped up in those lies and end up comparing ourselves.
we stan for someone who is selling jackal tickets.
nothing worse than being a fan/stan of a front and faker.
i had to wonder tho…

Do people really love the lies?

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Kim Kardashian Will Take Your Ass To Court For Calling Her a Liar

tumblr_nzuezgcoe41teyhv4o5_500of all the things that have been said about kim kardashian,
she sues mto?
that’s “media take out”.
i think she is the only celebrity who ever sued them.
don’t quote me.
here is why our kim k is taking the website to court via cnn
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You’re Nothing But A Liar, A Deciever, And A Make Believer.

one thing that bothers me is someone who lies to me.
you lied to me.
well, not you who is reading.
this bastard who left my life for another fox.
i let him back in only to be lied to AGAIN.

i know.
i know.
let me explain…

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Sidney Starr Is A Natural Born… Liar?

sidney starr,
our favorite attention whoring transexual,
took to WSHH to admit she was fibbing.
*gasp* total shocker.
my day is now ruined!
i guess she realized her 15 minutes ran out a while ago and the clock broke.

ready for the video?

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LL Burrell… The Stolen Version

Hey Wolves and Foxes…
Boy, do I have a scoop for you….

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