Sidney Starr Is A Natural Born… Liar?

sidney starr,
our favorite attention whoring transexual,
took to WSHH to admit she was fibbing.
*gasp* total shocker.
my day is now ruined!
i guess she realized her 15 minutes ran out a while ago and the clock broke.

ready for the video?


breathing a sigh of relief ching a ling?
well, you should.
although, i don’t see a booming career in his cards.
he burned his own set of bridges.
he is looking good though…

i don’t know what happened?
maybe she was threatened?
maybe chingy was in the bathroom next to her holding a hot ab roller?
maybe she got her first dose of reality?
who knows.
he could sue her ass.
that is a serious defamation of character lawsuit.
…although we know she ain’t got shit.

all i know is while it is good that she has admitted to lying and she was young,
i can’t help but wonder about all these other attention whores using their powers for evil?
do they finally come to a point when they realize that it only takes them so far?
none of that got her a check.
i’m sure she got some good tranny chasing peen… but, no upgrade.
all it did was get her potentially blacklisted from being any other rappers secret hoe.

she could fuck with chingy now.
he needs the publicity.

… or maybe he has become a personal trainer and didn’t tell us?

23 thoughts on “Sidney Starr Is A Natural Born… Liar?

  1. So if you compare every other pic to her supposed before operation pic her eyes changed color her life is about attention and it annoys me that people are like this

  2. Love Chingy.

    Loved him then and love him now. His lips am eyes just do it for me.

    He should sue Sindey. I would.

  3. Chingy has always been a nice looking guy. I met him a few times and he is really a nice guy in person. I never got the “I get down” vibe from him. Shim (Sydney) know she was wrong for dragging that man name through the mud like that. I would def sue that trick for doing that. He has caught alo of flack behind those rumors…i’m glad shim finally told the truth!

  4. All Chingy ever had to do was call her out on it to her face. “Describe my d!ck. I said describe my d!ck!”

    1. I don’t believe that. Not at all.

      I personally don’t even believe the blind item. People like to gossip about people in the industry just because they can and it’s sad. What’s even more sad is because now that Frank has made his sexuality known, he’s going to get a lot of people dragging his name through the mud simply because it’s mow going to be believable.

      Complete and utter bullshit.

      1. I feel you. I don’t want to believe it either, but I’m just gonna tae a back seat for a while just in case it is some truth to it, and this may very well be a lie.

      1. I think when a person changes genders, they would prefer to only be “now” known as that gender. However, she was cute as a boy and as a girl and really do see an issue either.

  5. Yea he may not be gay but I’m still claiming those lips as one of us lol. Seriously though he really should fuck her whole situation up.

      1. Looks like she’s apologizing because she’s in jail, not because she truly feels bad about anything she’s done. What she’s done is gone and spoke with a psychiatrist who’s given her an excuse for her fucked up behavior. Saying you have a psychological disorder that caused you to do the bad shit you did is a lot easier than just saying you’re a bad person.

  6. Ain’t that a bitch. This confirms that people do shit just for attention. I was so disgusted that I couldn’t even watch the whole video. Chingy was making videos pleading his case that he was not gay, and many people including myself didn’t believe a word he said. She wanted people to respect and care about her, that shit flies out the window now because this bitch is going to be getting mad hate from everybody from this point on. The only thing she can do is prepare.

    I know Chingy is glad he’s off the hook.

    1. ^sue da bitch (tranny justice remix) chingy featuring choppa and Lil Zane.

      She shouldn’t been lying.
      And then video taped the lie.
      She’s done.

    2. Chingy is low key gay, thats like Frank Ocean coming “out” tomorrow saying he was not gay, he just “said things” (i can see that coming soon anytime), that tranny got threatened

    1. Yea he does. I’ll just leave it at that. LOL Poor man has been through enough. It wouldn’t feel right if I lusted after him.

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