A Transsexual Ruined My Career

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.14.19 PMeveryone meet chingy.
oh wait!
you remember him!
he had that one song we use to like back in the day.
“i like it when you do it right thurr (thurr)…”
well chingy had an interesting interview recently with vlad tv,
transcribed by necole bitchie,
on why his career went into 5 hit wonder-ville.
was it all because of a transsexual named sidney starr?
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Chingy Is….


an f-bi sent it to me and you’ll never guess…

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Sidney Starr Is A Natural Born… Liar?

sidney starr,
our favorite attention whoring transexual,
took to WSHH to admit she was fibbing.
*gasp* total shocker.
my day is now ruined!
i guess she realized her 15 minutes ran out a while ago and the clock broke.

ready for the video?

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Lay Down Some Rubber (4)


… but, would you let Chingy inside your Foxhole?

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The Answer To The Truth?

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Shim of Shame

remember when Chingy first came out?
He was a cute lil’ thing, wasn’t he?

Chingy been over and he just isn’t having the best one hit wonder ever.

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