Lay Down Some Rubber (4)


… but, would you let Chingy inside your Foxhole?

when the hell did this muthafucka get so tasty lookin?

10 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (4)

  1. i would definitely tap that…if he got that thick everywhere..the ass has got to be phat

  2. Dude really buffed up. I always thought he was cute plus they were saying he was BI from a long time ago.
    He can get it.

  3. i always thought chingy was fine.
    i didnt know whether he was a fox or a wolf.
    either way, baby boy has filled out NICE.
    wouldn’t mind some of that…

    1. #whoisjamarifox :i always thought chingy was fine.i didnt know whether he was a fox or a wolf

      Y’know whut? It doesn’t matter — at least not to me. I know what I like, so Imma go for mine regardless… 😉

  4. OH…MY!!!! its somthin about those st louis rappers first nelly now chingy. i would let him bound away at me like the phillies at the plate

  5. Idk who Chingy is, but I’d fvck him. I thought he used to be skinny, doe?

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