The Great Eating of Wolf Cakes Debate

Now as everyone knows,
Jamari Fox loves a nice muscular Wolf.
I also like a Wolf with some nice cakes.

Not a requirement but something nice to grab on occasion.

As of late…

A ton of Wolves have been liking to have their legs up in the air,
A Fox or a Vixen head first in his cakes and licking that joint while he jerks off.

My question is…

Do Wolves also prepare themselves for this cake eating treat like Foxes do?

Let’s be real but true Wolves can be kind of nasty.
They do not pamper their bodies the way Foxes do especially if you meet some hood D/L Wolf .

Showers ever so often
Nasty smellin’ dirty socks
and my pet peeve: questionable hygiene
that can be breath or underarm

There are some Wolves who will be wearing a nice outfit that he pulled out the dirty clothes hamper.
His trick to making the whole facade believable?

An iron
OD on cologne
… and FeBreeze.

When you mess with ballers, you smell odors you never thought you would smell come from another man.
They may look good and “swagged out” but talk to one after an intense work out.

At the end of the day, we are all still men…
and some of us don’t really do “up keep”.

I remember a Fox telling me that he was eating his Wolves cakes and when he pulled his tongue out,
a nice ball of shit was on the other end.
I would have been out of the Wolfpert business after that.

So Wolves… answer!

How do you make your dish of Wolf cakes delicious?

18 thoughts on “The Great Eating of Wolf Cakes Debate

  1. the packets of wipes like you get after eating ribs works good in a pinch ! πŸ™‚

  2. I have taken dick before. Not a fan. I get my ass eaten all the damn time. It’s a beautiful thing and a pleasure you haven’t ever experienced. Don’t knock it til you try it! πŸ˜‰

  3. A ball of sh** at the end of his tongue?!?! I would be done with him for eternity! That’s just so f**kin foul. I can’t even…

    If your going to feast down there…make sure it’s as spotless as possible! Dental damns are also a great option.

  4. Nope. Won’t catch me eating a thing back there. No ma’am. Not me. But I often give men a slide when it comes to personal hygine because… well… they’re men. They’re taught its okay to be dirty and sweaty from time to time. Ever smelled one of their rooms? There is always a distinct smell that you know didn’t come out of a bottle.

  5. im with yngblkwolf on that. dont knock gettin ya cakes eatin till you try it. hell i know some wolves who eat better than they lay pipe lol

  6. Personally I think any dude who wants his cake’s eatin is a “Fox in Wolf’s Clothing.” If a dude ask me to even play in his ass its a wrap.

    1. Eating my azz & playing in it are two totally separate things…if you let me put some fingers or toys in you, then yeah, Imma try for the real thing. But eating is different — at least to me…

  7. Now some of y’all like a nig to be sweaty & dripping…now for you, I can acoomodate – but that’s a whole different scenario. You still ain’t gonna find some sh*t on your tongue, though.

      1. Some like it funky down there too; I’m not one of them, but I’ve known a couple that like the smell of musk on a man…

  8. ok i work out and get sweaty like any other gym (coyote) but i also know how 2 get lemony fresh when need b. jus like yngblkwolf said if i know in advance that im about 2 get some mule i do a deep spring cleaning. coyote is us vers. and that ball of shit no sir i would beat his teath in

  9. I don’t really classify completely as a wolf or fox, but I have way too much pride in myself as a man to let anyone engage in any kind of intimate contact with me without being thoroughly clean and smelling great. I buy way too many hygiene products, cologne, etc. to be foul smelling.

    I’ve never really been comfortable enough with a dude to let him go anywhere near my ass on the regular, I’m usually the one doing that. I’m always clean though.

    1. “I don’t really classify completely as a wolf or fox, but I have way too much pride in myself as a man to let anyone engage in any kind of intimate contact with me without being thoroughly clean and smelling great. ”

      answer of the decade.

  10. Yes some wolves can be dirtier than a dump truck and some can be nice and clean! I too like cakes on my wolf. I would do an inspection before i started pecking lol. Dude in first pic i would EAT HIM OUT THE FRAME and dude in second pic. Lately i been discovering i might have some wolf in me and that guy might end up get piped. I think im a freak and i like it, yeeeess

    1. on your “werewolf” r.
      i’m not even mad at you.
      some days, i feel like flippin that nigga over myself…

      …but then id miss the feeling of the pipe goin in me.

  11. A ball of shyt was on his tongue? -__-
    I woulda beat that azz…

    So, I don’t douche/enema or all that preparedness y’all do (and I appreciate y’all getting prepped for us lol), mainly cuz no one’s tongue should be that far in my guts. I will take time to clean up back there – use wipes, shower, etc. – and if I know far enough in advance, make sure my stomach is empty. But I’m not gonna let you go there if I’m not clean, cuz that’s just nasty.

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