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andre marhold gives it and us two legs up!

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

he looks better with more weight on him tbh.
andre marhold
‘s dick is so big,

he can’t seem to find someone to smash.
what a struggle.
i’m shocked none of the “big dick takers” on social media haven’t stepped up to the battle.
andre screamed he’s a wolf in his interview with jason lee on “hollywood unlocked“,
but these days

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The Great Eating of Wolf Cakes Debate

Now as everyone knows,
Jamari Fox loves a nice muscular Wolf.
I also like a Wolf with some nice cakes.

Not a requirement but something nice to grab on occasion.

As of late…

A ton of Wolves have been liking to have their legs up in the air,
A Fox or a Vixen head first in his cakes and licking that joint while he jerks off.

My question is…

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