andre marhold gives it and us two legs up!

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

he looks better with more weight on him tbh.
andre marhold
‘s dick is so big,

he can’t seem to find someone to smash.
what a struggle.
i’m shocked none of the “big dick takers” on social media haven’t stepped up to the battle.
andre screamed he’s a wolf in his interview with jason lee on “hollywood unlocked“,
but these days


it seems like he is getting comfortable being a fox or hybrid.
that moaning starting @:40 and on…
he is ready for big mack truck to get parked in that little garage.

lowkey: he strikes me as the type who will say…

“Damn pineapple,
you wearin’ my shit out.
Lemme rest up so we can go again.”

you can tell he has no shame.
those be the ones that are animals in bed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “andre marhold gives it and us two legs up!”

  1. He looks high out of his mind in the video. Almost unrecognizable. He was trying too hard the video looked Almost remedial lol

    1. Definitely. The fact that (1) he can’t maintain a hard dick, and (2) he’s so spaced out that it looks like he’s not even conscious that he’s jackin his dick, are HUGE indicators of substance abuse. Sadly I’d bet that he’s using meth. I wonder if his ex Malibu Voldemort got him hooked. He needs some professional help.

  2. he what they use to call back in the day…he a moneytunist…do anything for money when the opportunity arises such the cliché word “trade”. normally those type is either drugs or alcohol…real talk…can’t blame it on either because you know damn well what you doing. smdh

  3. People need to be conscious where they insert themselves at. I’ve heard enough about him around here to not be amused and this is definitely not the look.

    The decline is real.

  4. The man is doing himself what he wants to do. Yes, evidently he high but yet he’s trying to entertain his followers.

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