grandy glaze is fully aware that he’s gay-baiting

sometimes we are to blame.
we end up making folks “stars” and they start doing too much.
i keep fonting that many can’t handle fame.
once it gets to their heads then forget it.
grandy glaze strikes me as that type.
he has been accused of gay-baiting and said in a statement on his twitter

so honestly…

He isn’t telling lies.

he is gay-baiting.
he isn’t fuckin’ vixens or promoting a “straight” life.
he is always highlighting his ass

…and hanging with the popular gay “onlyfans” attentionistos.

he knows how to cross the line without fully jumping over to the other side.
when all malik did was jiggle his tail in that bed when i thought he was gonna munch <
gays are tuning in,
hoping for that day he fully crosses over.
i’m here to font you:

That probably will never happen unless he gets really desperate.

the gays chose him to be their latest star.
so he isn’t lying about anything he tweeted.
is it wrong?
depending on who you ask.
don’t get mad at grandy because he knows how to use the gays to pay his bills.
blame the desperate ones; don’t blame him.
he is getting in where he fits in.

i liked him when he wasn’t being so obvious and corny,
but i’m starting to wonder

Maybe he was always corny?

that whole super bowl thing was where the corniness came out 110% for me tho.


i like my attentionistos to be more “post smut and less talk“,
but i’m clearly not in his fanbase so…


23 thoughts on “grandy glaze is fully aware that he’s gay-baiting

  1. He’s tall, cute, charming, and goofy with a huge ass. What’s not to like? I find him to be sexy, myself. The size of his penis is not really of any consequence to me because I’m a top and all about dat ass. I am not going to disparage this man or his hustle.

  2. I’m clearly the minority here, but I like Grandy. I don’t subscribe to his only fans(cuz I know he don’t really be doing nothing) but I do follow his IG and he’s corny as hell, true, but I love me a big silly goofy nigga and he’s cute enough with a nice butt. If he’s found a way to market that and make a lil money, 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. I agree. I like him a lot. People can call it “baiting” but Grandy has been showing off his ass and stuff to guys going way back before he made any money doing so. This is more than a hustle. If men are around him, those cakes start clapping. He starts dancing and jiggling and it’s not only sexy but usually pretty funny. His ass is over 45 inches, he knows that’s going to attract some hungry brothas and he’s obviously here for it, so good for him. I just hope he’s stashing that money.

  3. The thing is if he was gay, the gays would not be as drawn to him. I promise you. Many gay men have this fixation with this “straight/DL facade some men like to put up. And the gays eat it up. So I’m highly confused why him having sex on camera with women is throwing gay men off when even before starting only fans he was in a relationship with a woman, and never claimed to be gay.

    He’s absolutely gay baiting, but this fake outrage is laughable. There’s hardly any Gay sex symbols that other gays lust over, and if so there are very few. The hard truth is that many gays willingly fall for the bait. So he’s not too blame.

    1. dude is gay and I don’t wanna hear it. You are right tho the gays love the masc dl thug look not a sister sister. Cuz a lot of Nikkas I know play the gay role for dollars look at heat.He was such a wana be homophobe now he showing the loose bussy

  4. Most certainly, Grandy Glaze is gay. But my issue has always been let an individual do what he/she wants to do. Always be a supportive being than doing negative talk or hating. We as individuals have the same opportunities to do what the next person or people do. It’s only the way we approach and apply ourselves in society!!

    1. all those dudes is gay and smashing each other but they know the goilz will pay the coins. HIS BOY latinoxl is gay and he fronts like he str8.

  5. I am disappointed, but not surprised. We all saw where this was heading.

    My thing is don’t make decisions and then try to play with people’s intelligence just because people’s opinion are making you uncomfortable.

    Now you’re out here thanking your “fans” for not questioning what you consider manhood is and posting videos having sex with big girls to shut criticism down.

    I like his goofy, corny ass, but he’s on that pattern I’ve witnessed with guys who’ve stepped in before him and this is not it.

    1. Thk u..all those dudes are gay they just front..cuz the queens don’t like gay men.tjry thrust in the fantasy

    2. ^i have a question:

      if he was gay,
      wouldn’t he be trying to prove his masculinity by being more “straight” if he wasn’t comfortable with himself?

  6. I don’t get it. I mean if I’m subscribing I want to see some sucking & fucking, ass eating with men. Miss me with those bate sessions & photo shoots with the homies type stuff. I don’t know who keep subscribing to these corny dudes.

    1. Again light skin men like Dallas Wade and him are the only ones that can get away with this gay baiting shit they overcharge you for.

      Dark skin dudes are doing backflips on dicks and fucking on top of USPS trucks for subscriptions, while ppl are paying to see a high yella ass cheek for 50 seconds lol

  7. Are we ready to admit he’s regular yet?

    I mean aside from being light skinned he’s nothing to thirst over. At least Dallas had model appeal.

    Lowkey both Grandy and Dallas and many others gays lust over have no choice but to gaybait because they have average/lowkey small dicks women have no interest in seeing. Plus they don’t give the impression they’re very good in bed like Dwayne McKell or Troy Francisco🤷🏾‍♂️

    Women pay them dust.

    1. @jay

      Not trying to argue with you, but what do you mean by “aside from being light skinned” that comment is coming off as if light skin is an attractive requirement, or if he wasn’t light skinned he wouldn’t be receiving the attention he’s getting.
      So what if he was dark? What difference would that make on his attractiveness? That comment was kind of off putting and has a colorist undertone.

        1. Light skin* you mean. And from what I see most of the gays that are drawn to him, are interested because he’s tall with a fat ass, which seems to be his most popular physical asset. That has nothing to do with his skin tone. There’s plenty of brown/dark skin men that the gays check for. You basically categorized gays as colorist. That’s ignorant AF.

          1. so we’re gonna act like a ton a black gay men aren’t colorist? That’s true af! Sad but true. And he’s right. Black gays have made this light skin tatts with some muscles thing such a fad. Add a fat ass and there goes the gays money! This dude is slightly above average in the face. His gay friendly (baiting) attitude and skin tone has gotten him a long way.

      1. Lmaoooo!

        FYI, dark skinned man here and if you’re not keenly aware that light skin is almost always the standard of which gay men put these social media dudes on a pedestal, you’re either blind or blissfully ignorant.

        Grandy is a failed college basketball player with a small dick and mediocre physical attractiveness.

        It’s the light skin and willingness to show his ass for thirsty gay men.

  8. He’s always been corny but before he was corny and cute. I think the girl he used to date is on Onlyfans now too. I just miss the days when Men were multifaceted. A sexy body and a ‘I’ll do whatever to be famous’ mindset is everywhere. I just hope these Men and Women are investing their coins because time brings an end to every vixen or heartthrob that relies solely on looks

    1. ^i mean he has llc on his name on ig lol
      that sounds like it could be attached to business saavy.

      they have a sex scene they’re filming allegedly too.

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