so which gays was renting rooms with kevin samuels?

we gotta be really careful who we stan for and defend.
some of these jackals and hyenas can end up making us looking really stupid.
you know folks love it when you’re mean to other people for no reason at all.
we stan bad and obnoxious behavior!


kevin samuels,
who is a self-proclaimed “life and relationship coach“,
was made famous after this tongue lashing with this vixen who wanted his advice:

he had folks judging and sending her death threats after that.
she should have known better and find someone liscened but i digress.
i noticed straight hood males and lost vixens were making him his savior on clubhouse.
wellllllllll it seems it’s kevin’s time for judgment about his alleged background.
his ex-wife allegedly spills all…


i mean,
he has been the talk on ch today:

his background sounds like some of the “personal trainers” on ig.
the ones who get vex when i post them.
ya’ll know the ones.

if kevinturned out to be a scammer,
id have no sympathy for the folks who supported him.

This is why trump for 4 years.
This is why people get scammed by the attentionistos on onlyfans.
This is why some black folks stan white folks who wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire. 
This is why folks diss YOU for others who ain’t shit.

this kinda says more about them than the scammers tbh.

i enjoy when they get their face cracked tbh.
we’ll keep our noses in this kevin samuels story.

lowkey: not only that,
kevin was nasty af to people.
he literally broke that black vixen down and hardly any black males protected her.
the same shit folks do to gays and trans.
was that not a red flag?

7 thoughts on “so which gays was renting rooms with kevin samuels?

  1. You should see the reviews for his clients who paid for his “services” ; pathetic! His karma is on it’s way.
    I’m not even sure he likes women anyhow to speak on how to positively engage with them

  2. I need our people to stop supporting these scammers who have the gift of gab or communication simply because they’re Black, and call themselves Dr.. I need people to actively seeking professionals. I cant tell you how many times i see people on Facebook asking about professional advice from other folks who aren’t professional. Like would you go to a guy in the alley for a medical diagnosis? People have to do better. And I’m sure all of this is accurate. When you can’t verify someone’s credentials it’s a definite red flag. Degrees and physical addresses can all be found via public records. However just like you said it seems everyone wants a LEADER to guide them. Too many folks seeking validation instead of growth and accountability.

    1. ^ i think folks would rather get a knock off than real professional help because that makes them feel “crazy”.
      some black folks run from professional help because of the stigma within the community.

      hate to say it,
      black folks NEED therapy especially gay ones.

  3. This man is toxic, raw, unfiltered, and with enough reputation for women to be aware of whom they’re dealing with when they cross his ass.

    If you ain’t slick nor have thick skin there’s no reason to even attempt to mess with him. Why would you expose yourself and be reduced in his platform like that? I can’t.

  4. I felt bad for her, some people are so desperate for love and attention. Who made him the gospel on relationships? I bet his life personal life is a train wreck, like SH, always trying to give relationship advice, after the way he treated his ex. Have you ever heard the Pointer Sisters song Friends Advice? Listen to it, sort thru it, contemplate it, but don’t take it!

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