ya’ll cap cause ya’ll would hang out with a fresh on the market odell beckham jr

best believe,
if you hear that i’m single and “hanging out” with someone like ^this
who just became newly single as well:

He is slaying this foxhole mercilessly.

i don’t blame this vixen for “hanging out” with him tbh…

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Protected: demetrius jenkins shows us why they like his pound cake

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Wolves, Which Buns Look Tastier To You?

img_3438so my assologist has a question for his fellow wolves in the foxhole.
he wants to know out of these two freshly baked buns
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f0XXX: Sex 4 Breakfast

tumblr_ljs1rna3go1qzi5heo1_500sometimes you start your day thinking:

“damn i could do with some eggs with a side of ass right now”

foxtail is always better than a cup of joe.
don’t be late because
you just want to lay inside it forever.
this is for the foxhole who wakes up not hungry for food.
nsfw of course…

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WOLF MEAT: (322)

tumblr_m9nkbsWCeN1rzhhe5o1_500this baller wolf said no days off on this 4th…

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#draftredcarpet (The New Baller Wolf BBQ Special)

tumblr_mlxiomMaJK1s3z6bwo1_500i told you i was coming back with some more baller wolf meat.
i was in the mood for a bbq.
these are some of the pictures from the #draftredcarpet by the nfl twitter.
as well as some more david amerson,
the new baller wolf favorite.
oh and some woods

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