#draftredcarpet (The New Baller Wolf BBQ Special)

tumblr_mlxiomMaJK1s3z6bwo1_500i told you i was coming back with some more baller wolf meat.
i was in the mood for a bbq.
these are some of the pictures from the #draftredcarpet by the nfl twitter.
as well as some more david amerson,
the new baller wolf favorite.
oh and some woods


i’m getting a lot of buzz on this next wolf.
one of my vixen readers,
sent me some new shots…

everyone is aiming to get pregnant/smashed by this one.
i wouldn’t mind a ride on that myself.
she also updated me on robert woods,
someone who i’d like to also ride,
who is going to the bills:

rumor has it has some BIG wood.
how ironic he played for the trojans.

he was fuckin all kind of snow bunny pussy in college.
from what i’m told robert is just trying to lay that wood.
no cuffin.
maybe things have changed?

tumblr_md8yfcpB9V1rfc3kko1_500i’m sure there is more new baller meat to un-wrap.
i’ll keep you posted.

keep me posted also.
if you have any new baller meat i missed,
or even if you got any good pictures for show and tell,
send me an email: CONTACT

3 thoughts on “#draftredcarpet (The New Baller Wolf BBQ Special)

  1. Beh all looked recycled, maybe I should pick up an internship with the NFL and get to see if these niggas are worth the hype

  2. Both of them are fine. David is my boo tho. I’ll be checkin for him on the field for sure.

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