Beyonce and Andre 3000 Need To Go “Back To The Drawing Board”

as you know…
beyonce and andre 3000 remade “back to black” by amy winehouse:


if ya’ll never checked out her music.
i beg of you:

x amy’s collection

her music got me through some hard times.
thanks for what you brought to the world for your short time here amy.
listen to bey and andre 3000 attempt for the great gatsby soundtrack

2rco19swhat the hell is that?????
why is andre 3000 even on it?
i don’t know who,
between the two,
made it worse.
it sounds like it doesn’t even flow.
andre sounds one way.
bey sounds the next.
her voice sounds too sultry.
like she is ready to be fucked.
amy made that song from pain.
they sound like they made this for fun.
then it ends so sudden.
i hate it.

i like b and all,
but they need to stick to this:

11 thoughts on “Beyonce and Andre 3000 Need To Go “Back To The Drawing Board”

  1. Love Amy Winehouse and sorry she is gone. To cover this song is almost disrespectful. I wish Beyonce would stick to what she does better. She fucked up Etta James’ At Last too. It was too slick and overproduced. Beyonce is a good singer but you have to have gone through some shit to sing like Amy, Billie Holliday, Etta James or even Sade.

  2. both of Adele’s albums are great. “Back To Black” is an opus. That joint stands up well with any soul album dropped in the last 40 years.

  3. Back to Black is one of my favorite album and songs. Every time I listen to it I feel like I should be drinking whiskey on the rocks in a house in New Orleans. My favorite song of hers is Tears Dry On My Own. P.S. Adele is the shit both 19 and 21 get heavy rotation on my iPhone

  4. Andre ALMOST works on top of that dubstep. Almost. Beyonce sounds like the chick who will let her man nutt in her face even after he left her and married the other chick.

    They both missed the spirit of the song. It needs a hungrier singer who’s missed a meal ot 2 in the last 15 years.

  5. I like it but it’s like you said it sounds my sultry than sad. If I didn’t know the original from a place of pain then I would probably like it

  6. I’m sorry but it was bad remake. It’s very hard to compete with the original. I miss Amy every day. Her music brought me so many things that I can’t even explain here. She was a real talented artist and to be real, I lost a part of me when she died.

    1. ^i agree.
      someone put me on to amy when back to black first came out.
      blown away.
      i was dealing with a lot when that album came out and it helped.
      i can’t really listen to it now unless I’m really sad.
      kinda like the “mary j my life/share my world” effect.

      i often wonder would Adele even exsist if Amy was still alive?

      1. Adele was big while Amy was alive. Her debut album, 19, won best new artist and sold millions. Slaydele also released 21 before Winehouse died and it was smashing records preceding and following her death. Slaydele’s success is regardless

        1. ^i literally LOL at slaydele in this store.
          i feel adele is the real queen.
          she also about to egot too.
          she got the emmy,
          and oscar.
          all she needs is the tony.
          she deserves it because her music is good.

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