another day; another remake (the color purple 2023)

i’m one of those people who saw the color purple very late.
it was one of those movies i “wasn’t allowed to watch” in barbados.
there are a few classic movies that i didn’t watch off the strength.
so when it came to the color purple,
i watched it in the early 2000s when netflix was mailing out dvds.
i wonder if i can still see my old watch list on netflix?

ima be 110 with you foxhole:

I’m tired of all the remakes.

and on the list for another remake,
the color purple 2023 has been added to that list.
i was sketch city with oprah touching a classic but…

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i was ready to drag the last of us remake on hbo max and well…

when i first got my ps4 back in like 2016-ish,
it came exclusively with “the last of us“.
i didn’t know what i was walking into when i got the game tbh.
i heard good things and that it was scary.

It had me HOOKED and became one of my favorite games ever.

the opening of that game is probably the best intro of any video game.
as we grow up as millennials,
they are starting to remake our favorite shows and video games.
when i heard they were touching “the last of us” for tv,
i was like…

last night,
the premiere came on hbo max.
i was ready to go full drag-the-makers mode but…

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i must have watched “mr and mrs smith” like 1,000 times.
this movie never fails to make me horny af.
it’s like the sexual tension in this movie slaps you in the face.
the sexual tension oozes out the screen,
puts flour on its hand,
and slaps you upside your head.
brad pitt and angelina jolie did that as you know from after the movie…

you know their sex was intense.
needless to font,
that is one of my favorite movies.
since hollywood seems to be out of ideas,
they are turning “mr and mrs smith” into a series on amazon.
the stars of this reboot?…

did you see “the lion king” this weekend?

i was supposed to see “the lion king” this weekend.
that was a fail.
after my train issues on friday,
and this heat wave from the depths of hell,
i was on a boycott of doing all things.
“the lion king” is literally my childhood so i hoped it was done right.
i was so annoyed by scar looking so raggedy.
if you saw “the lion king” this weekend…
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looks like “child’s play”

i remember being a little cub,
going to my cousin hybrid’s crib,
and my uncle watching one of the “child’s play” movies.
i font you not…

I was so fuckin scared

all i remember is some wolf being crushed in a garbage compactor.
it was some shit,
i dunno,
but i know i was crying.
i thought my toys were gonna come alive and kill me that night.
well after many dreaded sequels to the original “child’s play”,
they are remaking it for 2019.
this is the trailer
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King James Is Adding To The “Remake Vomit”

i don’t know what is with all the remakes.
i was confused why “martin” is getting a remake.
tommy is legit dead in real life.
king james is planning on adding to the remake vomit.
the legendary “house party”.
this is what “usa today” had to font…
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