another day; another remake (the color purple 2023)

i’m one of those people who saw the color purple very late.
it was one of those movies i “wasn’t allowed to watch” in barbados.
there are a few classic movies that i didn’t watch off the strength.
so when it came to the color purple,
i watched it in the early 2000s when netflix was mailing out dvds.
i wonder if i can still see my old watch list on netflix?

ima be 110 with you foxhole:

I’m tired of all the remakes.

and on the list for another remake,
the color purple 2023 has been added to that list.
i was sketch city with oprah touching a classic but…

this cast looks pretty good and i’m always down to watch fantasia sing.
is it something i’d go watch in the theaters?
probably not by myself.
is it something i’d watch?
i had a question about all these remakes they keep pumpin’ out.

Has Hollywood run out of ideas?

i turned off white men can’t jump about 15 minutes into it.
the only thing i liked about house party was ( x lebron’s tail in the sweats ).

…but that movie was horrible.

so yeah,
i’m tired of these remakes.
let’s hope “the color purple 2023” brings us something great.

lowkey: halle bailey is about to have the best year ever.

7 thoughts on “another day; another remake (the color purple 2023)

  1. I’m so here for it and I will see it in the movies. Halle Bailey got 2023 on lock, better luck next year Chlöe lol.

  2. I’m ngl actually kind of interested in this remake. I think mostly because of how good The Color Purple is and my nostalgia for it but either way I want to see it. That said I also wish Hollywood would do more original things. It’s one of the things I lowkey envy about the old days, say what you want about the old films back in the day but at least there was new shit to look forward to).

  3. I found the first movie repulsive for its ‘trick’ childbirth scene red apricot jam gore but no umbilical cord—and the fact that no black man or boy had any redeeming qualities. I recently saw a local production of the musical—trite book, good music. I plan on seeing the new movie musical, because the trailer looks good. I have low expectations, however.

  4. It’s a film based on the Broadway musical. It’s not technically a remake from the 1980s original film.

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