you can now have more raw sex and not feel scared to catch an sti (doxypep)

i’ve noticed something in this new onlyfans era:

Some of ya’ll don’t like to wear condoms.

thanks to prep,
or very “living dangerously” folks,
many of ya’ll like to go raw in any and every hole.
the straights are on that raw meat diet too.
so it’s hard,
to get many people to wear condoms on their sexual adventures.
condom use and prep don’t stop STIS tho.
a fav foxholer sent me the lead on a drug that may help tho.
philip johnson (@philaye),
with the help of lufty (@sincerely_lufty),
made a video about a couple who took doxypep after a threesome…


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lufty’s chest >
they both cute.

i’d def (redacted) with boffum but:

i liked that ad.
you know many of us will stop what we are doing if we see:

A bed
Cuties with bawdies
A bed with cuties with bawdies on it

if it helps folks feel safer in their sneaky links,
dl dominations,

and “i dunno his last name” hookups,
i’ll allow it.

You can learn more about DoxyPrep: Here
You can check out and follow ( x  Us Helping Us ) for more information

*Please do your investigation before you take any drug.
I’m not a doctor nor a safe sex professional.
You grown so you should know better.

5 thoughts on “you can now have more raw sex and not feel scared to catch an sti (doxypep)

  1. The fact that scientific research and technological advances are being used to detach us even further from our humanity is sad, boring but also dangerous. People aren’t researching the long-term affects these drugs have on the body. I remember when my doctor prescribed me on Prep yrs ago and upon using it I began to notice side effects. One of which was edema in my ankles and feet. Now prior to being approved for the drug they test for sti, kidney function and etc. I told my doctor I wasn’t taking it anymore and honestly I don’t have sex often because I’m so busy and when I do I use protection. I’m not risking kidney failure, future osteoporosis or other chronic issues to be penetrated raw. Lastly it’s giving Tuskegee, it’s giving Vincent orphanage medical experiments vibes. I’m not knocking anyone but are we just taking prescribed medication for recreational purposes now. I don’t trust it. I was over it when I heard about folks taking prep at sex roulette parties as if it’s an immediate alternative for protection.

  2. Well this took a turn and I’m here for it. I agree with all points. I do enjoy sex better without a condom but I’m not cruising for sex either. I’ve always been scared of catching something so I’m extremely careful and I’ve passed on a lot to stay safe. I think the promiscuity aspect of being gay really damages how people see us and treat us. I envy lesbians because they can be in relationships and find fulfillment. Gays make life harder than what it really has to be but it’s also so many unhealed lost souls. I just shake my head at people who think this life is a choice.

  3. This is my issue with this

    To me this situation is deeper than STI it’s about behaviors

    You don’t change overnight

    Having a fetish for Raw random or anon hookups is a behavior

    If you wild the fuck out and have pills and potions to prevent you from catching anything you still enjoy participating in risky behaviors not having an sti isn’t a get out of jail free card

    When you want a monogamous relationship with a community that prioritizes having raw random encounters and praises any scientific advancement bc it allows them to accomplish that goal I think it speaks of a bigger problem that we aren’t seeking the root causes of the behavior. Why does promiscuity go hand in hand with gay rites of passage.

    Today I saw someone say “hope y’all tested before the weekend” why is MLK and memorial weekend synonymous with fucking randos? This is beyond autonomy this is social programming

    We have to ask ourselves the questions

    And then I’m seeing 40 year olds crying about how lonely gayness is.

    Ok so wouldn’t random hookups breed (no pun) this loneliness later in life? Who wants to be 60 still on an app bc they don’t have a partner and can’t find one bc they still hooking up for sport

    1. ^ teatime chose violence today and ima stay out the way.

      i def can see what you are fonting tho.
      we need to have more conversations about self-help as we do with safe sex tbh.

      1. I agree 💯.
        I am in a age bracket where I recall when AIDS was a death sentence with no recourse for reversal.
        Promiscuity: the deeper issue is the need for continuous affirmation. You need to continuously re-affirm your desirability. On another level, I lived that life for years and I know for a fact, in my case, I wanted honest affection vis a vis: touch me, hold me, connect to me, reassure me. Because every message I received about myself growing up was a negative, slick insult about not being masculine and my pronounced sissiness. I was a hot mess, at times. The body count didn’t quiet the voices. I have been celibate a few years now, and I feel wonderful. I still lust, but I will never give myself so freely again for a few fleeting moments of pleasurable nothingness. But good luck to those who enjoy indulging.
        👁️👁️🙏4ur awakening 👁️👁️.🌹

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