jack harlow has some of ya’ll dripping over his slab

i don’t know if i think jack harlow is cute or not.
i do like some of his songs,
mostly his features,
but he is polarizing in looks to me.
some days i think he is cute and others i’m “eh“.
he isn’t like nfl baller wolf,
travis kelce,
on that “take me down” energy.

jack is a “class clown/puppy dog” cute.
folks are lusting after him over his appearance on twitter on “dave”…

…and i’m still like “eh“.
he has a way of eye contact and flirting that is cute.
i wonder what happened when he tried to get at saweetie that one time?


i will font that was hot af.
i’d def give him my number if he rolled up on me like that.
that was the type of aggression i like.

folks were hoping for a sex scene from him on “white men can’t jump”.
i think in the original,
his character had one with rosie perez.
i’ll guess i’ll let gen z have this one.
i like my wolves to look more…

he gives me “little brother’s friend” energy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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