marjorie taylor greene’s manz is such a drag

marjorie taylor greene is the head karen sent from a special section of hell.
i think she is the leader of all the karens tbh.
her recent nonsense really annoyed tf outta me:

but gonna say this during a press conference after:

that shit had me fired tf up.
so you know i was glad when her manz was exposed for doing drag

like ^the above with jamaal bowman,
i love how her jackal doing drag was “okay” since it was for his job.
not only that,
she was arguing while out there supporting george santos.
don’t even get me started on george santos getting caught tf up in the past.

some republicans getting caught up in drag,
and others that are anti-gay trying to smash twinks on sex apps


But they are adamant about painting drag queens as a danger to children.

the random white hyenas who are shooting up the joint aren’t tho.
i don’t understand why we have this circus as our government atm.
was it this bad back in the day?
what timeline have you put us in?
it’s hell.

 ( x read more about the new obsession with drag queens here )

3 thoughts on “marjorie taylor greene’s manz is such a drag

  1. She is a racist and should be called one publicly at every opportunity. Yt women have always been a problem for me, my adolescent experience with them taught me early on that they have a problem with BLK ppl especially BLK boys. They lie all the time and with that lyin serpent gouge has got millions of innocent ppl killed

  2. I don’t condone violence on anyone but I really want someone to smack, slap, or punch the stupid and evil out of her. Drag and stomp that spirit out of her for all it’s worth. 🤷🏾‍♂️ she boils my blood.

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