looks like “child’s play”

i remember being a little cub,
going to my cousin hybrid’s crib,
and my uncle watching one of the “child’s play” movies.
i font you not…

I was so fuckin scared

all i remember is some wolf being crushed in a garbage compactor.
it was some shit,
i dunno,
but i know i was crying.
i thought my toys were gonna come alive and kill me that night.
well after many dreaded sequels to the original “child’s play”,
they are remaking it for 2019.
this is the trailer

isn’t that boy a little…
to get that doll?

it looks like updated nonsense.

Has Hollywood run dry with ideas for original movies?

it’s like remake after remake.
they did good with “it”,
and those same producers are involved with this,
so it might be worth a watch.
if someone wants to take me to go see it,
i’ll go.
if not,
i’ll watch it at the crib.
“child’s play” comes out to play on june 21st.

lowkey: glad to see dough boy from “atlanta” getting work.

5 thoughts on “looks like “child’s play”

  1. Here we go with this shyt again. Leave those movies where they belong. Stop remaking shut for the new generation. Let them make their own shut. They already got Annabelle o. Thotty azz. Don’t made IT look like a buck tooth joke. For the record Tim Curry’s it was way scarier. He had this vibe that he’d molest you before killing, and eating you.

    They remade Leprechaun Returns and it was shyt.

    Today’s horror is really all about blood and gore…

    Looking at this movie…. This is a murder mystery with a munchkin Terminator who will most likely live on though the child. The murders will all probably be connected. The original films are a cheesy horror fest which were supposed to be dark humor and fun.

    Of course they feel like blood and gore equals scarier.

    I’m just saying Jamari.

    You know who was a beast though. Candyman….him and those bees…

  2. The last two were really good. Cult of Chucky was great and Curse of Chucky was good too. Them not including the original creator/director is trash. Also, no more Charles Lee Ray, but AI gone bad. They can keep it……..

  3. This movie scared you?! I saw this a couple of months back on Hulu and laughed so hard! Especially the part where the mom starts shaking the doll and demanding that it start talking to her or she would throw it in the fire. When I tell you I Hollered so loud.

    I hope they keep chuckies personality in the remake he was really funny.

    1. ^i was a cub so i was shookkkkk.
      these days,
      i don’t know why they didn’t kick his ass into a garbage chute or something.

      they original makers of chucky seem to be against it.
      the voice of the original allegedly is against it too.
      so this is brand new situation,
      i guess.

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