i want 3 dragons now

i read jay bought bey one of the dragon eggs.
so i’m not worthy.
they tried to tell me,
and even some of you tried to tell me,
but i didn’t listen.
this sorta was a teachable moment for me.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?

that’s it.
since saturday,
i have been getting my soul snatched.
from a wolf?
i don’t think a wolf could ever entertain me like this.
my tv tho?
oh yes…

game of thrones.
i’ll go out on a limb and crown it the best show i’ve ever watched.
i really thought it was going to be some dungeons and dragons shit,
but it’s beyond that.

Game of Thrones is the TRUTH

as i’ve arrived at season 7 door,
i’m at it’s mercy.
mother’s mercy?
i’ve lost some of my favorites.
others have died in honor or disgust.
i’m yelled at some parts like i’m getting penetrated.
i know my neighbors are wondering wtf…
i’m hooked and i’m gonna be pissed once i’m caught up.
like everyone else who tried to warn me,
i’ll be tuned in for the season 8 premiere.
the final season.
those who haven’t started,
i suggest you start now.
you don’t want to be late.

low-key: i’m so obsessed with the show,
i wrote this entry to the season 6 soundtrack.
that’s my absolute favorite season.

12 thoughts on “i want 3 dragons now

  1. I just watched the end of season 6 during lunch today. I want to start season 7, but I trying to hold on to it because it’s so good….I know that once I watch season 7, I will have to wait until the season 8 premiere before I can watch again…and then it will be over…I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this series… everyone I know watches it

  2. You can check out Spartacus once it ends. And Amazon’s putting out a Lord of the Ring Series to take its spot once it ends.

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