so this is how she acted with a dog in an elevator? (bow wow)

so i was waiting.
i was waiting very patiently.
i tend to have this gift of “the hunch” at times.
i guess the following answered my question somewhat.
so like the infamous “bey, jay, and solange” elevator video,
this is “the before” of bow wow and kiyomi leslie‘s domestic abuse incident…

but she was probably being aggressive and putting her hands on him.
cause you know these women be putting paws on these males…”

uh huh.
she was looking like a real monster.
she looked very calm as he was having his temper tantrum.
i’m sure they both didn’t know a camera was in there.
he was up in her face and being aggressive with whatever she was holding.
i had a feeling bow wow wasn’t gonna be all the way innocent,
but of course,
everyone was creating a narrative beforehand.
what was it again?
folks be provoking others and such and such?
it seems he met his match with her.
i’m glad i reserved judgment until i got the whole story.
it’s one thing to give an opinion.
it’s another to already paint someone “the villian” off the strenght.

lowkey: with bow wow’s past actions,
are we really shocked at his behavior in that elevator?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “so this is how she acted with a dog in an elevator? (bow wow)”

  1. all my hood babies know if someone is pacing back & forth, taking off jackets, and walks up on you like that? its time to get down.

    look like he was throwing threats too smh

    and thats that crazy calm lol.

  2. Man. He would have caught the fade the way he aggressively snatched whatever out of her hand. Like kam kam. said that’s that crazy calm before the storm.

    1. ^i expected everyone to be quiet after seeing his disgusting behavior when he thought no one was looking.

      what was it again?
      he was defending himself against her craziness?
      i’m sure he had to defend her when she finally had to scratch him up.

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