did you see “the lion king” this weekend?

i was supposed to see “the lion king” this weekend.
that was a fail.
after my train issues on friday,
and this heat wave from the depths of hell,
i was on a boycott of doing all things.
“the lion king” is literally my childhood so i hoped it was done right.
i was so annoyed by scar looking so raggedy.
if you saw “the lion king” this weekend…

What are your thoughts?

i’m getting a ton of mixed reviews.
some are saying it’s awful,
while others are satisfied with the remake.
how did bey do as “nala“?
mufasa’s death can still make me cry at the drop of a dime.

Am I going to bawl at that scene?

you can spoil it for me.

lowkey: did beyonce not put her foot in that soundtrack tho??


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12 thoughts on “did you see “the lion king” this weekend?”

  1. Hey Jamari,

    Like you, The Lion King was and still is my favorite animated movie of all time. Hell, I even saw it in theatres during the 20year anniversary limited release lol.

    I saw the movie on Thursday night. Overall, It was a really good movie. There were hits and also misses. I’ll break it down for you.

    It’s visually amazing. Every shot is incredible and so damn realistic.
    Timmon and Pumbaa are the highlights
    This version of Scar is really good.
    The Hyenas: Good comedic moments and they made the female hyena the leader of the group which is true in real life and she had a great intimidating presence.
    Mufasa: Enough said.
    Young Simba and Nala were great!
    Beyonce: Honestly, wasn’t as bad as people made it her out to be.
    A bit of a back story between Scar and Sarabi which was a nice welcome.
    Included some elements of the broadway play like Nala running away from the pridelands.
    The ending was awesome!!

    Adult Simba: Donald Glover was alright( his singing was great)
    Rafiki: They stripped him of his personality, made him too serious.
    Some of the scenes felt rushed and some of the dialogue lacked delivery.
    The Stampede: It’s alright but you won’t cry. The original still gives me chills. Something was missing in this scene, felt rushed.
    The Ghost of Mufasa & Circle of Life Opening: Same as the stampede, something was missing and felt off.

    Overall, I still liked it and it’s worth watching but because I loved it soo much, I was critical of it.
    Same with Aladdin, I i wanted to see that and the remake turned me off from it. I

    Hope you see it soon Jamari, I look forward to your review.

    I produced a news story that aired here in Canada( selfless plug) about the lion population in Africa declining and how the movie can help save them. Check it out!

  2. I just got back from seeing the movie. My son treated me after my horrible Friday nightmare. I have to say I’m really disappointed. Some of the imagery was really breathtaking and of course the music. But something was off. It just didn’t have the same depth or emotion the original anime or the Broadway musical had.Not saying don’t go see it. We do need to support our own. Just don’t go in with high expectations.

    Personally I think it should have been a Part 2 and not a remake where Simba and Nala assume their position as King and Queen….

  3. Its a shot for shot of the original. One thing I don’t enjoy about it is since its more so live action the facial reactions & such we are missing out on the little touches that you received from the original. They do change a bit of dialogue & set up here & there but its basically the same movie.

    Also I didn’t enjoy scar that much like i enjoyed original scar.

    I say all that to say its still really good the heart is there the soul is there but I still enjoy the original better and for a different reason.

    (P.s. you might cry during the mufasa scene & another one)

    1. See that’s what makes me a little hesitant. Jeremy Irons played the hell out of Scar in the animated version. To me, he is Scar plain and simple, just as James Earl Jones is Mufasa. I don’t understand why they didn’t bring him back like they did with James Earl Jones. They played off of one another so great in the animated film. I can still recite their scenes. LOL
      I’ve heard a few people say this Scar is nothing on the original.

  4. I haven’t seen it…. but as far as Scar goes… if that qween isn’t mincing around the screen, throwing shade and reading the hyenas for filth while plotting to kill Mufasa, I will be sorely disappointed…. I heard they cut his Iconic “Be Prepared” theme song as well.

  5. If you see the side by side comparisons, you will see why it reviewed terribly. Idk wtf they were thinking going with a realistic art style. No emotion at all on the animal faces. Scene changes that are more basic…

  6. It was great. I mean they didn’t invent the wheel, it’s basically the animated movie in cgi with some minors changes. Of course they were going to change some stuff, like what’s the point to do a live action if it’s just to do EXACTLY the animated movie ? The voices where as realistic as it could be for speaking lions. It’s was funny, it was sad, it was beautiful. Most people who are disappointed are the one who were expecting the feel exactly what the felt when they were children… as if that was even possible. They’re forgetting they’ve changed and they’re adult now. Even if they think otherwise, it can’t feel the same even if it’s the same.

    Honestly, truly, it was great. Go see it woth on open mind and you’re going to love. Especially the music. And no they didn’t cut Be prepared. They have all the legal songs they just add Spirit which is a great song btw. And Scar is still super shady.

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