marvin bienaime gives a male entertainer his shot

*the following entry is rated r

marvin bienaime makes me want to live my best life

I want wolves walking around my crib with no clothes on

like doing a full strut in my living room.
for me,
it’s purely for physical entertainment.
for him,
it’s his career.
marvin is on the move with his “naked nine reloaded” calender.
it drops july 28th,
edward williams jr is one of the wolves in the new calender.
he’s a male entertainer who booked a spot.

but this

and this:

and then this:

i’m soaking wet!!!!
good grief.
edward can wear a suit too:

we love a male who can look naked,
but can look good with clothes on.

even though i have yet to see anyone who can top charlie,
i won’t kick these newbies outta bed.

lowkey: edward is a male entertainer for females only.
just a warning for those who want to be extra!

videos cc: marvin bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “marvin bienaime gives a male entertainer his shot”

  1. This dude is Sexy with and without clothes on I see Marvin set the mood playing Chris Brown in the background dude gotta a nice fat ass on him. All I want to know is when is someone going to post Charlie, and Marshaun nudes I’ve search Twitter tumblr and all still nothing Jamari if someone bless you with those pics please share.

  2. I understand that these men say they are male entertainment (for females only 🙄) but they GOT to know Marvin’s market is catering to men that like men

    1. I am very confident that they know. Its cause plausible deniability. They get to play dumb when they get confronted on their shit.

  3. he’s niceeee BUT im here for charlie and charlie only. i just need charlie to be my muscle boy toy for the night. he can dip after 😂😂

  4. and speaking of marvin’s eye candy. robby xl got “busted” for being trade on one of his pics. had the comments lit! i didn’t even trip but i came back and all the comments were gone 👀👀

  5. Eddie (Adonis) and the other models know what comes with Marvin and other “photographers “ and “stylists” I date an attentionisto IG model and most of his likes, followers, and DMs are members of our forest. I’m sure the other attentionistos know that too but they play “straight” for the vixens

    1. Damn, does anyone here have access to the Naked Nine photos? I’ve been trying to see them forever.

  6. I am convinced Marvin is f**king and getting f**ked by these jackals .. what do these men have to show for their exposure accept more IG followers and a lunch date with Marvin…

  7. I have a question for those who shoot photos or “artistic” nude videos. Where is his penis in these shots of him walking and showering? Is it taped to his inner thigh, or is he just soft where it wouldnt show at all, or is he purposely walking with his legs close together so you wont see anything. I just wanna know, lol

  8. To answer the question about the penis shots, they are on his onlyfans account and they are not little by any means. Marvin sexy his damn self. He need to get in front of the camera but the video in the shower when that water ran down the crack of his ass…. that was hot as fuck! Charlie, like everybody else is still my favorite. These guys allow Marvin to get close and intimate like that because in a sense, its like a bunch of straight guys naked in a locker room having fun. They not thinking about sexuality, they thinking about how lit this is going to be for their social media fans and how they can elevate from it.

  9. @ The Bad Boyz Club, so these videos where we dont see anything other than their asses when they walking around, Marvin has an OnlyFans page that shows EVERYTHING for the people who are willing to pay extra for it?

  10. Gay men love them a good “straight fantasy”. I can’t with the masculine posturing like they’re cooking up music in the studio and not being gay as heck.

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