i was fired because my job found out about my secret onlyfans account

these days,
more and more folks are turning to sex work to make extra money.
what a time to be alive,
“onlyfans” literally has folks being able to buy houses out here.
the issue is your sex work being your side hustle and your co-workers seeing it.
that was the issue for kirsten vaughn aka ms red aka vermilionvixen.
she was a car technician who ended up getting fired because of her “onlyfans”.
this is what she told “buzzfeed news”

A promising young mechanic at a Honda dealership in Indiana was fired from her job after management learned she was making amateur porn outside of work using the platform OnlyFans.

Kirsten Vaughn, 24, told BuzzFeed News she was on track to become the first woman master technician at Don Ayres Honda dealership in Fort Wayne when she was abruptly let go from her job after colleagues discovered her account on OnlyFans, a social media site where people can pay to subscribe to private content and which is commonly used for adult material.

Vaughn said that after she mentioned her account in her Instagram stories coworkers began watching her videos together at the workplace and then sexually harassing her. But instead of punishing her colleagues, she said management blamed her for making the OnlyFans account.

“If the guys just would’ve watched their porn at home, none of this would’ve happened,” she said. “But instead of looking at it like, ‘Hey, the guys are kind of creepy,’ it’s, ‘Oh well, you’re the girl that brought this to their attention, and you’re responsible.’”

Vaughn was fired in mid-February, but her story went viral after she posted about it on Twitter on Wednesday.

this reminds me of a vixen in my high school.
she recorded a video of some of the popular,
and sexy,
jackals running the train on her.
she thought she could trust the jackals not to show anyone.

Joke wasssssssss on her

everyone saw it.
the vixens taunted and every wolf that tried to talk to her knew she was a hoe.
even wolves in other schools wanted to smash since the video presented her as “easy”.
she ended up having to leave the school and moving somewhere,
where i’m sure she changed her identity.

it’s a no brainer that she would be fired.
jobs are not about the “sex positive” movement,
which is why they are so strict on employees fuckin each other.
regardless if she is good on the job,
males will only see her naked and rubbing her pussy with a screwdriver.

I peeped one of the videos

she can make enough money to open her own business.

a setback is a set up!
a test is a testimony!
a trial aint nothing but an error... or something
God I need to take my own advice.
she doesn’t need to work under someone else if she can make her own bread.

i posted this tweet the other day on my ig stories and it was really interesting to me:

we often don’t realize that “sex work” can have blow-back in other areas of our lives.
this is if you care anyway.

low-key: are we mad at her for charging 15 dollars for her onlyfans?
vixens will always be more successful sex workers.
as a male,
you gotta cum with the heat.
no scams allowed.

check out her: twitter | onlyfans

article cc: buzzfeed news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “i was fired because my job found out about my secret onlyfans account”

  1. And she was on her way to making history. Smh. This is what happens when you try to cut corners and make fast money. Was it worth losing everything and being exposed? Let this be a valuable lesson to all those OF thots out there thinking this won’t catch up to them later in life. Better learn fast while you can.

      1. Jamari, boo, some of them can learn a thing or two from you. But then again, you’re too classy for these lost hoes, so they could never step to you and be on your level. Just saying.

        1. ^LOL
          well thank you,
          but i think folks have a different path and know what works for them.
          i think when they start scamming,
          everything about them that was remotely attractive goes out the window.
          some of these folks don’t know how to read the room either.

          1. ^black,
            why are you being so nasty?
            he didn’t say anything that deserved that vitriol from you,
            especially if it’s his opinion.

          2. You mad, sis? Your OF ain’t poppin, pooh? Run them e-hands if you really ’bout it, love.

          3. @Jamari

            I said what I said! And as much as this blog discusses Onlyfans I find it perplexing that you’d be defending and propping up some random who leaves a judgmental comment about the people who choose to make OF pages.

          4. ^black

            i’m perplexed that you would even address someone in such a tone because you didn’t agree with their opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I was reminded how much Jonathan “Heat” Martinez charges for his OF.. was running a special at $3 the last time a looked. You know the ones that are in it for real are going to make it accessible… and in the case of heat he has the content. I would not be surprise if he is collecting at least $2K/month from the platform… and with the Rona keeping everyone’s ass at home, I’d better his subscriptions have gone up.

    1. yeah…he lost me when he posted that clip with shit in his crack and the fungus on his feet.
      Heat losing it in his quest to stay relevant. Post some fuck clips, BJ clips or something!
      Anything other than just you jerking off or stripping and that whack ass pop lock shyt he still doing. LOL

  3. They could have handled that in a different manner. If it was bad for business then they were justified in letting her go. If anything, they would have increased business by word of mouth alone. The female technician who got an onlyfans worked on my car at so and so. Truth be told its a lot of professional classy people who have Onlyfans making content and still have a job. What I do outside of my place of business is nobody concern especially if its just the workers talking about it. Sexually harassing is illegal and then to agree and say it was her fault is discrimination. Somebody mentioned Heat. He made a jag video in a store and he is still employed. She making videos at home and was terminated, that is clearly discrimination. Only because her job said it was her fault is grounds for discrimination. We talking like people getting cars fixed hourly. They get slow periods and she needs to make money. What she does outside her job is not their concern. Im pretty sure her bosses are some fat potbelly pig stomach men who can’t even see his own dick. I definitely would have took advantage of that opportunity just so people can bring their cars in. She work in the back and not anywhere around kids. She love her tools, how is that different than some bottom using a dildo the size of two grown men legs? There is a hotel manager on Snap who uses the laundry room as his personal nut catcher. There is a McDonald’s manager on twitter posing in his underwear in the stock room, what did she do wrong?

      1. Remember the story of the dude who got arrested for fucking in the gas station and the alderman went after the gas station. Same rules apply. All it takes is for one alderman to go after him and shut him down. Thanks for adding that too like no shade. It shows even owners have Onlyfans accounts. She didn’t do nothing wrong.

  4. If the company doesn’t have a morality clause (which most companies dont unless it’s a company founded around religion) then she has a MAJOR LAWSUIT and HR violation to report she’s about to get paid smdh these jobs are dumb.

  5. She better sue!
    This is the problem we find ourselves in. We like to act like we have become more evolved and progressive as a country, but that’s not true across the board. Businesses are very conservative. People get caught up with what’s popular and then get hit real hard by reality. In the real world most people still look down on sex workers. These people doing onlyfans now will be reaping the consequences for life.

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