diddy is getting heavy

“the more you’ll die for someone,
the more they’ll kill you.” – quote i saw on a youtube channel, x brilliance

males are interesting.
let me not say males cause i know a few idiotic vixens.

People are interesting

they will treat you horribly,
ignore you,
but when you dip out on them or die

They want to tell the whole forest just what an amazing person you were/are.

i think it’s human nature to neglect things we possibly love.
that is the story of diddy for me.
diddy is interesting…

so i grew up with diddy.
he was a major part of my childhood on the east coast.
he is pretty much an icon and legend within the music business.
he has put many of the map,.
as of late tho,
i’ve noticed something is “off” with him.
i could be wrong,
but it seems like he is dealing with something heavy these last few months.
between this conversation about his baby’s mother,
the late kim porter:

and then this:


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May God bless us all 🙏🏿

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was kim and him even together like that tho?
i thought cassie was the one for him.
we can even font j.lo.
this really taught me something.
well 2 things.

1 – We need to give people their flowers and respect them when they’re in our lives.
Instead of playing games,
be 100 with them and let them know where you stand.

2 – You can spend all your life chasing someone,
begging them to love you,
and still be number 2 in their life.
it isn’t until they have their “a-ha” moment is when you MIGHT get claimed.

i’d strive to be the “98-02” j-lo when it comes to males.
one thing about her,
she knew her worth.
when she dated him and they broke up,
she moved tf on to someone else.

there was no reconciliation,
but she still remains good friends with him to this day.

kim has always been in the shadows of his life.
she came out as reliable  and a safe place for him.
i think she knew her place.
i don’t think diddy was ready for her,
but he realizes that she pretty much completed him.
sometimes it takes a while for folks to get their “a-ha” moments.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “diddy is getting heavy”

  1. Very good post and Lesson for all of us to take away. I always praise people around me. My anxiety disorder keeps me fearful that life here can leave at any time.

    1. ^after losing my parents and my best friend getting killed,
      i realized life is very short.
      who woulda thunk we would be home in 2020 confined to our homes?

      life can turn things around really quickly and you won’t even be ready when it does.

  2. Yeh..yeh.. He’s still a bottom from way back.from a different time and he’sDiddy’ is the attentionisto master!! .thing is..so many others have come on scene and snuffed him out whole new breed out there now ..not knocking the loss at all. Sweet sweet couple. …Kim was what he needed

  3. Ms. Porter should be a cautionary tale.
    It seems she was always there for Diddy. She allowed him to have his cake and eat it too. Have the emotional intimacy of wife with Porter, and the newness and excitement of being with other women. One has to wonder if she refused to play her role of being his comfortable confidant on the side lines would diddy have valued her more. You can’t allow people to get used to taking advantage of you. They eventually stop seeing the sacrifices you make.

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