some of us date, do too much, and break up like jlo too (don’t laugh at her!)

when jlo got with a-rod,
i seriously thought that it might work.
a-rod manifested jlo into his life:


they seemed really into each other on socials and their kids seem to take to the relationship well.
in typical jlo fashion,
something went wrong and they broke up.
( x see it here )
jlo has the ability to get wolves and a ring out of them,
but somewhere down the line,
it never works out.
i had to wonder

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so tyler posey never slept with a dude, gave head, but hooked up with another male? (huh?)

like that last entry,
celebrities are only good as their last scandals.
it’s not unusual for us to like some drama in our celebs.
it sells books and movies,
but it also creates real-life characters that make us watch their every move.
believe it or not,
trump has mastered the art of it.
tyler posey,
who i didn’t even realize was the kid in “maid in manhattan” with jlo:

…and starred in mtv’s “teen wolf”,
has decided to jump the shark apparently.
he recently came out as pansexual in an interview:


but then he went here

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diddy is getting heavy

“the more you’ll die for someone,
the more they’ll kill you.” – quote i saw on a youtube channel, x brilliance

males are interesting.
let me not say males cause i know a few idiotic vixens.

People are interesting

they will treat you horribly,
ignore you,
but when you dip out on them or die

They want to tell the whole forest just what an amazing person you were/are.

i think it’s human nature to neglect things we possibly love.
that is the story of diddy for me.
diddy is interesting…

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Questions That Will Get The Hive Riled Up

i got asked a question today that i put up on the ig foxhole.
a friend of mine randomly hit me up to ask me this:

i know.
i was pretty floored myself.
so this is how the conversation went…
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BcxqtmdIMAAw4XtScreen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.47.14 PMwhat?
she like 40 or so, right?
look she is a bad bitch.
one thing i gotta say about her tho,
the hustle is MEAN.
she became famous not being really talented at anything,
but she made it work.

4pm blhblowkey: you know she didn’t get on that 6 train tho.

AMAS: Where Pussy Dominated The Night It Seemed?

i wish i got to watch the amas with everyone last night.
you know i would have live tweeted the f out that joint.
well i was in mid air with no abc on that direct tv joint.
like how you gonna have every regular channel BUT abc?
well i just have to say i watched some of the performances and jlo did that.
she even had justin timberlake getting his fan girl on:

tumblr_mwtxw8Rjyj1s2usi4o4_400you know its good when a wolf is acting like that.
i also thought rihanna did good as well.
icon award?
yup this is still a beyonce and rihanna ran world.
everyone is saying katy perry is racist for her performance.
i gotta watch that next to see what all the hub bub is about.
im still in the middle of watching the rest of them.

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