jlo brings them out on stage last night

jlo has been in the news a lot these last few weeks.
it’s not “bennifer 2.0” shenanigans.

this actually might be legit.
they are super lowkey these days.

Sidebar: one thing i love.
when she gets into a relationship,
she cleans and upgrades the wolf tf up.
They get her glam squad in the union.
I like when a male gets a full upgrade when he is with someone.
you can fuck around and make him someone else’s dream too.

this documentary of hers on netflix has been all the talk.
her folicles have been on edge over the shakira/superbowl controversy.
( x read it here )
jlo performed at the blue diamond gala last night at dogder’s stadium.
she brought out a special guest for a duet…

her child emme,
who is now “them“…

@christinathesupermom Jennifer Lopez JLO surprises audience at at the Blue Diamond Gala by the Dodgers foundation. Excuse shaky camera at end I was in shock myself.#jlo #jenniferlopez #jloandemme #dodgersfoundation #bluediamondball #jlosurpriseguest #tmz #jloperformance ♬ original sound – ChristinaTheSupermom

@christinathesupermom #jlo #dodgersfoundation #jenniferlopez #emmemuniz #bluediamondgala #jloandemme ♬ original sound – ChristinaTheSupermom

quick question:

Do Tomboys still exist anymore?

what does “feeling like a  boy/girl” even mean?
just asking.
i couldn’t tell if they were both lip-syncing in the last video.
either way,
it was a very nice moment.
jlo seems like a good mom.

jlo is funny.
she will get a good dragging for some nonsense she says/does,
but then do something that everyone is like “aww!”.

i guess thats why she has been in the business all these years.
she and her team are pr geniuses.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “jlo brings them out on stage last night”

  1. ok this is where my confusion comes

    The post says emme is her “child” but Caitlyn Jenner is still called kylie and Kendall’s “dad” so wouldn’t Emme still be her daughter ? Or is it personal preference

    1. A lot of people don’t recognize Caitlyn because they thought it was all for ratings. When he first became a Trans, he got backlash for still having the dick, penis, pee pee, whatever you feel safe saying. She had it removed but at the same time, preferred and allowed people to call her by “him”. So the Trans community got on her because it set them back because people would do the same to them.

      Now Emme hasn’t been confirmed as a LGBTQ+ child. Whether Emme prefers the pronouns or is just living the Tomboy life, all we can do is respect how Emme and Jen prefer to handle it. Until then, we can’t assume because Emme prefers They that they are gay. We have allowed identity’s become more labelish if you know what I’m saying. We allow people to make a label up and we have to find the right definition to apply to it and let them live by it. Like Bisexuality and Pansexuality. Technically its the same thing, just worded different. This is just an example of a label not explaining the difference of Bisexuality and Pansexuality because that’s a different discussion in itself.

  2. Can we separate people of queer from transgenders? We obviously have 2 different objectives. I’ll never be ok with children proclaiming who they are without going through puberty and becoming an adult with the knowledge and vocabulary to express themselves properly.

    I love that parents want to celebrate, support and live their children wholly and totally but this is all too much for me. I’m happy for them!

  3. I believe it’s up to the child. Its important that a parent has bonded and pays close attention to the child . [Most good mothers & fathers do ]

    I knew I was gay from as long as I can remember. It did not change during or after puberty. I was born gay !!

    There are people who as a child felt straight before during and after “puberty”. Though I do not personally know any transgender children, I have read and researched enough to feel that their childhood feelings and self-identity is valid. If your feeling confused that is understandable. However ,there have been Transgender or “Non-Straight / Gay People spanning all cultures for Centuries . ( smile)

  4. Fame hungry parents enable this gender confusionism. I was a feminine boy and others in my community attached monikers and labeled me a sissy, fag, punk until I took it to the playground and lit their asses up with my fist. However I never thought I was trapped in a male body and misgendered.
    I liked my dick and still do. These kids are three much. Be a child, wait and see. Live some. These girls don’t even have a period yet, talmbout you a boy. Boy say he a girl. Take your wild ass outside and play, please. It is these punk ass celebrity fame whore parents using any angle to stay relevant.

    1. I don’t mind dressing ambiguously, but I think hormones are something that shouldn’t be taken until 18. They’re irreversible and for people who claim to be “agender”, “non-gender fluid”, etc and flip back and forth..not getting how permanent changes to your body….won’t be regretted one day.

    2. There have been people in most societies across the globe who crossdressed, felt they belong to a different gender, etc, long before the advent of our modern notions of gender. In many traditional societies these people had important roles, as healers, shamans, spiritual portals to the divine, etc. You can look this up–in the Americas, Africa, Asia, etc., you find manifestations of what I’m talking about, just as you also often find people with same-sex desire incorporated into the fabric of these societies, especially in the pre- and non-Judeo-Christian world.

      It is only nowadays, with contemporary gender theory, the key role of the medical industry, and the brutal backlash against trans people, that you have so many people being so dismissive and disdainful, including many gay and bisexual people, who are also under attack, lest we forget. I get that the pronoun changes are a challenge for some people, as are the various gender categories–and sexuality, sexual orientation and gender presentation and performance are related but distinct things, but I would say let’s try to be understanding and not assume that this is an issue of bad faith (people wanting attention, parents enabling conflusion, etc.).

      If we allow people to be who they are in terms of their sexuality and gender, without hatred and with acceptance, they and we all are better off in the end.

      1. Agreed. Thank you for bringing this up. We as a community need to come together not let the new lingo for old ways of being separate us. There is way too much on the line w/all the anti-LGBTQIA laws in place or in the process of being made into laws.

        We don’t hear about the other gendered individuals in other societies & ours of the past because it’s not considered important by our culture here in the US. There is a gay Dr. I follow on Instagram who focuses on the historical aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community in the US & globally. His name is Dr. Eric Cervini. He’s written a book & even has a show on Discovery Plus. He really brings the past to life w/his historical research of our community. Check him out: https://www.instagram.com/ericcervini/

  5. I support loving,supportive parents.Especially after reading about the attempted suicide rates of LGBTQ+youth and the rates are even higher for trans and non-binary youth.

    A couple of years ago JLo did a short film with her ‘nibling’ Brenden-her sister’s Leslie child.A nibling is a gender neutral term used to replace niece or nephew for a relative who is non-binary or uses they/them.So Emme probably felt more comfortable publiclly stating they were non-binary because they had an older cousin who is non-binary.Also we don’t know how old they were they first felt this way.I remember Dywane Wade saying Zaya knew she was trans when she was 3.We the public didn’t find out until she was 12.

    I don’t have a problem with a young person stating or expressing their gender identity just like I don’t have a problem with a young person expressing their sexual orientation.I do have a problem with parents rejecting,disowning,kicking out their children because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.
    I have also read about the large percentage of homeless youth who are LGBTQ+ a lot of them are throwaways- their parents kicked them out.To me that’s disgusting.

    So like a said I support parents who love and support their children unconditionally.

  6. I remember being young and having people tell me because I was a little effeminate that I was supposed to be a girl. I started thinking yeh maybe that’s what I’m supposed to be. I think if I had parents of this generation who were “supportive” of me as a child thinking just because I felt some kind of way about my identity, I would be trans right now but also probably already had committed suicide.
    I say this because I love everything about being a man and even the feminine aspect turned masculine. It’s very important to allow children to grow because they are different people every day.
    I agree with Caitlyn Jenner who said that it’s now a trend and all of these children are jumping on it. A lot of young girls experience depression especially because of them going through menstration cycles.
    Seeing blood every month and the psychological and hormonal changes that it brings is very hard on them. They start cutting themselves, and find other ways to deal with what this does to them. People don’t talk about this enough. This wave of all of these kids having gender conflicts is now a trend because kids are constantly looking for ways to attach themselves to something. I think parents should challenge those notions, that’s also love!

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