the dragging mo’nique got made her get castor oil and an apology

it’s good to see mo’nique getting her shit together.
she saw all her “sweet babies” coming in her comments with the torches.

she had to pull it together quickly.
mo’nique decided to drag dl hughley publicly,
along with bringing his family into it,
so she apologized publicly…


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if i hurt anyone’s feelings…”?
you did hurt someone’s feelings?

i rolled my eyes but this is a start in the right direction.
let’s hope this taught her when to “chill”.
better yet…

Not every single slight against us needs to be addressed.

some shit is literally “whatever“.
i have let a lot of things “chill” and witnessed the karma ensue.
i have a theory that karma happens when you let go of the outcome.
when you let it go and you see someone who did you foul get theirs,
while you are living your best glo ‘d up life

it can be better than sex.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “the dragging mo’nique got made her get castor oil and an apology”

  1. ♥️Monique. She has nuts, balls, cojones.♥️
    She knew her 👑 crown was tilted and she straightened it out. YES QUEEN 👑

  2. You and this Scarlett gif. As far as Mo’Nique. I think she has sealed her own fate. I say this because when Oprah labels you as difficult and other directors say the same, you have to look at the pattern. I’m not saying she was wrong in what she did. Its the pattern afterwards. Granted why she is acting this way, is because she felt passionate about what she went thru. Its how she did it is what is making it worst for Mo. After you get an Oscar for doing a movie, there are things you have to do for the Academy. It is tradition that last year’s winner present the award for next year’s winner. Its like the passing of the torch. She didn’t do that. Yet she claims she was blackballed. She never mentioned the academy but she went after Tyler, Oprah and Lee. Then she went after Netflix. Then she went after DL. Its how you do things, even if you are right. She may have been right all those times but how she operates is going to be why she doesn’t get booked.

    1. We can’t say Lee apologized and give him credit because Lee will throw you under the bus and then come back to pick you up and if he didn’t drive the bus. He did Jussie like that.

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