jlo brings them out on stage last night

jlo has been in the news a lot these last few weeks.
it’s not “bennifer 2.0” shenanigans.

this actually might be legit.
they are super lowkey these days.

Sidebar: one thing i love.
when she gets into a relationship,
she cleans and upgrades the wolf tf up.
They get her glam squad in the union.
I like when a male gets a full upgrade when he is with someone.
you can fuck around and make him someone else’s dream too.

this documentary of hers on netflix has been all the talk.
her folicles have been on edge over the shakira/superbowl controversy.
( x read it here )
jlo performed at the blue diamond gala last night at dogder’s stadium.
she brought out a special guest for a duet…

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Channing Tatum Dances On Top of Jamie Foxx

well kinda but not exactly.
channing looked so nice in his suit…


who knew he could bust out in his stripper moves,
wearing a tux,
and on top of a piano.
one being played by a foxhole favorite,
jamie foxx


they went on jimmy kimmel to promote their new movie,
white house down,
and jamie said he wrote a song about channing.

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