jlo brings them out on stage last night

jlo has been in the news a lot these last few weeks.
it’s not “bennifer 2.0” shenanigans.

this actually might be legit.
they are super lowkey these days.

Sidebar: one thing i love.
when she gets into a relationship,
she cleans and upgrades the wolf tf up.
They get her glam squad in the union.
I like when a male gets a full upgrade when he is with someone.
you can fuck around and make him someone else’s dream too.

this documentary of hers on netflix has been all the talk.
her folicles have been on edge over the shakira/superbowl controversy.
( x read it here )
jlo performed at the blue diamond gala last night at dogder’s stadium.
she brought out a special guest for a duet…

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let’s have a panel where we can shoot the shit and share thoughts on…

one of my bffs,
suggested i be on more panels this year.
i’m wit it.

I have a lot to say.

one of the foxholers suggested something to me and i’m down.
he said he’d like to come on the podcast and give his opinions on tv/movies.
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amazon’s “them” nearly made me lose my entire mind tonight!!!!

i’ve watched some shit on tv and in movies that had my mind blown.
there were scenes that have disturbed my spirit,
but i watched a disney movie afterward to calm myself down.
i’ve been hearing folks talk about a show on amazon prime titled “them“.
i did peep the trailer a week before it came out and was excited to watch.


it gave me heavy “lovecraft country” vibes.
this show has been the talk of the social media forests,
either great reviews or terrible ones.
the foxholers warned me about this show when i asked about it on my ig stories.

“It’s black torture porn.”

and this comes with spoilers

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i still like their song, “stay with me”

so sam smith is “they” now.
don’t call him “he” or even “she“.
they doesn’t go by that any longer.

They has changed them pronouns

this is what they had to font on their instagram

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