let’s have a panel where we can shoot the shit and share thoughts on…

one of my bffs,
suggested i be on more panels this year.
i’m wit it.

I have a lot to say.

one of the foxholers suggested something to me and i’m down.
he said he’d like to come on the podcast and give his opinions on tv/movies.
so i decided to do something that will involve a panel with their ideas…

The Foxhole Panel: Amazon’s “Them”
Date: TBD
Time: 1 hr, but may go for 1 hr 30 minutes

i want one more foxholer to join this discussion as well.
these are the rules:

You can send me an email at ijfthepodcast@gmail.com or dm on twitter/instagram.
I’m gonna send two questions about the show for the screening process.
I’m looking for the most engaging and thought-provoking answers.

From there,
I’ll find out how everyone’s schedule is looking.
*It’ll be in a pre-recorded audio format!

i’m really excited and i can’t wait to have a chat with you.

*if you don’t get picked,
there will be other panels in the future.

Author: jamari fox

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