so i watched “mortal kombat” on hbo max and well…

i never knew i’d be turned on by metallic biceps.
ay yi yi.
everyone was excited about “mortal kombat” being released.
for many millennials like myself,
we grew up on that video game.
ya’ll did.

I am a Street Fighter guy.

mortal kombat had too many damn buttons to remember shit.
and forth,
while doing coding just to do a fatality.
i’m good.
i don’t know much about the lore,
but i know some of the main characters and well…
(heavy on the spoilers)


i ain’t never heard of no damn cole in that game.
this new addition was wack af.
his powers were an all-over body shield?

when he launched that weak-ass uppercut his daughter asked him to do,
i damn near fell out.

i give the movie a 6 outta 10.
it’s mid tbh.
i only give it a 6 because of the action involved.
the storyline felt rushed and it didn’t give us any reason to connect with the characters.
why am i cheering on these randoms trying to fight to save the world?
sonja blade wasn’t memorable,
i wanted more of lui kang’s dragon than him…

…don’t even get me started on the missing “johnny cage”,
and all the other “huh?” that went on as time did.
big starters:

What happened to the baby that Raiden took after Scorpion died?

i’m also confused why kanos annoying ass turned bad so quickly?
i was like this is all it took to switch sides?
i was ready for him to go anyway because he was giving me maga main.

the only person we could connect with was scorpion.
i don’t even understand why cole was fighting with him in the end tbh.
he shoulda sat there and dethawed his family.
i see why the mortal kombat stans have been dragging it to hell and back.

if you’re looking for mindless nonsense to watch,
then i’d tune into hbo max to check it out for free.
if you want something with a bit more character development,
i’d look somewhere else.

lowkey: they didn’t even give metal biceps much screentime.

there was legit not a lot of eye candy in that movie either.

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7 thoughts on “so i watched “mortal kombat” on hbo max and well…”

  1. The most interesting part was sub and scorpion (the faces of the franchise) they should have made an orgin story about them and why they hate each other so much. They could have shown scorpion fighting his way through hell to get back to sun zero. That would have been a cool movie.

    Many of the core characters have rich enough lore and popularity to support their own movies. I would have done solo movies first and then a (avengers style team up) mortal kombat tournament movie.

  2. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love the movie at the same time. I think the add on guy, Cole, was lame especially considering his power was basically getting his ass kicked. lol

    I found them sidelining sonya to be pretty funny for me.

    Also I’m okay with them trying to set up a universe but the whole powers come in when you yadda yadda was lame as well. I can’t wait for Johnny to come into movie 2 and hopefully Kitanna and sindel I just want something that’s not Cole again.

    (SN: They did Goro wrong af)

  3. I’m a BIG MK fan, but this movie was meh. Bad writing and rushed. Still not as bad as MK Annihilation but at least that movie is so bad that you can’t help but laugh. Not so much with this one.

    I think Kano and Sub-zero were the best parts of the movie. Kano was hilarious to me and Sub-zero was an actual threat unlike the other villains. Action was cool but the plot and most characters didn’t have much to them. They want to save Johnny for a sequel, but tried to market it as them not making a white male as the lead.

    A lot of people didn’t like it but there are some that are raving over it. Like, did we watch the same movie? I know that opinions will vary but damn.

  4. It’s damn near impossible to tell the complete MK story with just one movie. They were trying to tell the story of Scorpion’s vengeance while simultaneously trying to make people understand what the MK tournament was and they fell short on both. The MK universe is huge and I really think that they should take the Marvel approach. Don’t try to pack all of the lore into one movie!

    1. From what I understand there may be 3 or 4 more movies that Joe Taslim (Sub-Zero) signed on for.

  5. Cole was a new character created for the movie.

    The baby Raiden rescued continued the Scorpion bloodline that produced Cole.

    I fell asleep on it the first two times but after watching it fully, I give it a 7.

    Sonya had some moves but I feel like they could’ve found a better actress. I agree with not adding Johnny to the mix just because the character is very dated.

    Seemed like they put most of their efforts into the Sub Zero and Scorpion scenes.

    I think they’ll get better with future sequels.

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