rip to azaylia diamond cain, ashley cain’s daughter

i cried for ashley cain over the weekend.
i know,
but i’ll font why.
ashley cain was the mtv reality bad boy who seemed to have changed his ways over the years.
he was a thirst trap kang,
especially showing off that major tail of his,
but it all changed once he had his daughter.
when azaylia diamond cain came into his life,
she really complimented the new “ashley cain”.
it saddened me to learn azaylia was fighting a battle with leukemia upon her birth.
i know how that can go because my mother battled and passed from the same disease.
i follow ashley on his snapchat and he was really active in showcasing that journey.
he spent many days and nights in the hospital,
even working out quietly when she was asleep.
i really was drawn to his dedication on helping his daughter fight for her life.
crazy enough,
i haven’t seen ashley in a while.
he didn’t post anything on snap and i was wondering what he was up to.
i’ve been dealing with my own life so i fell off from catching up.
i got a notification on my phone on sunday with the sad news that he posted on ig…

…and thats when i bawled.
you know i’m a sympathetic moon fox when it comes to other people’s pain.
i can only imagine how much this broke him and his partner.
watching how leukemia brought my mother down was tough,
so i know a baby is even tougher.
one who cannot speak and say what’s hurting.
it really makes me depressed to even think about it.
i’m sending love and light to ashley and his family.
i am praying for healing energy because there is nothing worst than a parent losing a child.
may azaylia diamond cain rest peacefully.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “rip to azaylia diamond cain, ashley cain’s daughter”

  1. There is probably no greater pain than a parent having to lose their child. I hate these diseases. Leukemia, cancer, it’s nothing you can prevent and you feel so powerless and hopeless. And during this pandemic? I hope he has friends and family to lean on because this will be a very difficult time to not drown in depression and grief.

  2. I’m not really familiar with him but I had a similar reaction 😢 when Rene Marsh from CNN and her husband Kedric lost their baby boy Blake, he turned 2 last month, to pediatric brain cancer.I had been following her story and then I saw Poppy Harlow break down on air while reading a tribute to him and I was a crying mess.

    I hate cancer in general but especially when it robs children of their lives before they really have a chance to live.

    Rest in Heaven Azaylia and Blakey

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