so i watched “mortal kombat” on hbo max and well…

i never knew i’d be turned on by metallic biceps.
ay yi yi.
everyone was excited about “mortal kombat” being released.
for many millennials like myself,
we grew up on that video game.
ya’ll did.

I am a Street Fighter guy.

mortal kombat had too many damn buttons to remember shit.
and forth,
while doing coding just to do a fatality.
i’m good.
i don’t know much about the lore,
but i know some of the main characters and well…
(heavy on the spoilers)

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so they released the “mortal kombat” trailer and well…

i was a heavy “street fighter” cub growing up.
i’d literally have competitions with friends and “friends of friends“.
chun li or cammy for the win.
when it was “marvel vs capcom 2″,
forget it.
my team:

Ryu/Iron Man

i was never into “mortal kombat” because i didn’t understand the control dynamics.
i did love watching people play it tho,
especially dudes.

sidenotes: i love watching males who are into me play video games.
this one wolf use to love playing gta in front of me.
i think it made his dick hard showing off all his cars and progress.

ever so often when i’m bored,
i’ll go watch fatality videos from each mortal kombat game.


the final boss in 11 tho:

that makes my skin crawl.
how do they come up with this shit?

so they had a street fighter movie,
which was wack af,
and now they’re giving us one for moral kombat.
they released the trailer today and foxhole…

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