so they released the “mortal kombat” trailer and well…

i was a heavy “street fighter” cub growing up.
i’d literally have competitions with friends and “friends of friends“.
chun li or cammy for the win.
when it was “marvel vs capcom 2″,
forget it.
my team:

Ryu/Iron Man

i was never into “mortal kombat” because i didn’t understand the control dynamics.
i did love watching people play it tho,
especially dudes.

sidenotes: i love watching males who are into me play video games.
this one wolf use to love playing gta in front of me.
i think it made his dick hard showing off all his cars and progress.

ever so often when i’m bored,
i’ll go watch fatality videos from each mortal kombat game.


the final boss in 11 tho:

that makes my skin crawl.
how do they come up with this shit?

so they had a street fighter movie,
which was wack af,
and now they’re giving us one for moral kombat.
they released the trailer today and foxhole…

…i’m here for itttttttttttt.
here’s hoping it gives us a really good storyline.
i love that it’s gonna be as violent as the game too.
since we live in an age of special effects,
this is probably gonna be a situation.
not to mention:

i can’t wait to see mechad brook‘s sexy ass and that chest as “jax“.
i’ll be tuning in on april 16th on hbo max.

Will you?

lowkey: remember when they added…

x joker

x jason

x leatherface

x and all the dc superheroes and villains in “injustice 2”

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “so they released the “mortal kombat” trailer and well…”

    1. I agree! The directors and writers ALWAYS try to put their own spin on the original story. The newest Tomb Raider, for example. I label it as one of the worst video game movies.

  1. I love MK. So hyped for it! Plot-wise don’t expect it too much from it since it’s going to be the first tournament just with a different take. I’m here for all the fights and easter eggs that they’re going to have. I just hope that they didn’t show all the best parts in the trailer.

  2. i don’t know what it is about today’s movies but they’re so dreary looking. I’ll watch it cuz I’ve been playing MK since it was on Sega Genesis but I’m in no rush to see this.

    You really think Mechad is hot with that ol math teacher mustache. He need some chin hair to balance it out.

  3. I am really hype to see this. This and the new justice league actually look entertaining Okay HBO Max let’s hope y’all continue with this.

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