brown stew chicken, plantains, and a side of maggots? (yumzo)

i’ll never forget hearing a story of a vixen going to a burger spot years ago.
she ordered onion rings and when she got them,
she saw something that stood out.

There was a fried mouse in it

i heard after she sued the restaurant and won.
they promptly got shut down and that was that.
you hear stories like this and hope it never happens to you.
everyone who knows me knows that i love curry goat.
that is my favorite thing to order from the jamaican spot.

Curry goat
Rice and peas
Mixed cabbage
Macaroni pie

there is a story circulating on ig about this jamaican spot down in florida.
@sue.bankss went to “the dutch pot” and ordered brown stew chicken.
she didn’t pay extra for the maggots in her meal too…


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me after that discovery:

…especially if i was fiending for it too.
the restaurant responded and claimed @sue.bankss planted the maggots within the food:

if this is true,
people out here can be real triflin’ for a come up.
i’ve heard of folks putting things in food in order to sue.

Is there a way to mix in maggots with food tho?

who just has maggots just laying around?
if this is true,
she should have gone to the hospital as well.

this is a very crazy story.
i was gonna order out today,
but i think i’ll pass.
this has my skin crawling.
the only thing i want to be swallowing is:

10 thoughts on “brown stew chicken, plantains, and a side of maggots? (yumzo)

  1. There is a video on youtube of a mouse running into a fryer at a Texas Whataburger. When I find it, I will post it. As far as the maggots. Maggots form at a certain stage. That’s how detectives can determine the time of death. There really is no way to stage maggots in food. It literally has to come from the food. You can tell the restaurant is black owned because they instantly attacked the customer. Regardless if you think the customer put it there, you don’t publicly blame them. You let a lawyer handle that. The simple thing which probably would’ve been better if they just simply refunded her money and replaced her meal carefully watching the chef prepare it. Its not that hard for simple customer service. You don’t have to take blame but at least be sympathetic with a customer. If they have proof they tried to rectify the situation then it would fall back on her. I have literally seen a store owner blame and curse out a customer for canceling an online order and charging their card for late cancellation when it was DoorDash who canceled the order. She insisted it was the customer to prevent from refunding the money. If that’s how you operate business, I will never buy or recommend their business.

    1. ^yeah they should have let a lawyer handle this if they felt wronged.
      this statement was very unprofessional and made them look guilty.

      not everything needs a ig press release

  2. This entry made me paranoid. My whole life i never realized how closely maggots resemble rice. I eat from a Chinese spot regularly.

  3. Always check the ratings for pass or failed inspection in front of establishments. You be surprised what you find at establishment kitchens where sewage, flies, roaches could be nearby. I ate at Chefcreole and had some seasoned rice with green peas with jerk chicken, and made my homemade pasta salad. Let me tell you I went to town on platter and that food was so good!!! I tell my Island friends who want to own restaurant that you have to make sure your setup shop are in good standing and meet up to code standards.

  4. Dutch Pot!! I went and ordered from this place when I was living in Fort Lauderdale in 2016-17. Had some good Jamaican food and all the West Indians would used to go. I hope its not true but you never know nowadays!

    1. Maggots are something that you just find laying around, the meat that they cooked must of been rotten

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