brown stew chicken, plantains, and a side of maggots? (yumzo)

i’ll never forget hearing a story of a vixen going to a burger spot years ago.
she ordered onion rings and when she got them,
she saw something that stood out.

There was a fried mouse in it

i heard after she sued the restaurant and won.
they promptly got shut down and that was that.
you hear stories like this and hope it never happens to you.
everyone who knows me knows that i love curry goat.
that is my favorite thing to order from the jamaican spot.

Curry goat
Rice and peas
Mixed cabbage
Macaroni pie

there is a story circulating on ig about this jamaican spot down in florida.
@sue.bankss went to “the dutch pot” and ordered brown stew chicken.
she didn’t pay extra for the maggots in her meal too…

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