ijf: the panel | “them”

ijf: the panel.
a place where discussions about one topic of interest are held.
i sat down with a foxholer named style (@stylebytrouble) to discuss “them” on amazon video….


there was supposed to be another guest to join but due to computer trouble,
he couldn’t attend.
i will make sure to have a spot for him on another panel he’d be suited for.

after the drama with my father last week,
i’m looking to organize another panel about:

Growing up with Caribbean Parents and the Toxic Caribbean Culture

i’m looking for foxholers who grew up with caribbean parents,
in the caribbean or not.
i’d like to have a panel of 4 including myself.
if interested,
DM or email ( x here ) so we can chat.

follow style on IG: @stylebytrouble

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