some of us date, do too much, and break up like jlo too (don’t laugh at her!)

when jlo got with a-rod,
i seriously thought that it might work.
a-rod manifested jlo into his life:


they seemed really into each other on socials and their kids seem to take to the relationship well.
in typical jlo fashion,
something went wrong and they broke up.
( x see it here )
jlo has the ability to get wolves and a ring out of them,
but somewhere down the line,
it never works out.
i had to wonder

Is it “her” that is the issue?

jlo comes off very high maintenance,
but it seems the wolves she picks are either fuck bois,
make way less money than her,
or are kinda sus.
i thought r-rod would work because they seemed to have the same kind of synergy.
i think most wolves are drawn to her intense leo energy

…but i don’t think they can keep up with all that she brings.
she brings the lights,
and social media posts.

We see this is a lot of relationships these days.

you can tell by all the laying it on thick on social media.
this trying to prove they’re happy,
but bts is a whole nother story.

Many people that are together are not compatible with each other.

they don’t want to admit this.
one is googly-eyed; the other is miserable.
one is trying to be “the one“; the other is there for sex and comfort.
instead of breaking up,
they lay it on thick to let everyone think it’s working.
once it ends,
it usually is a whole mess and a ton of revelations behind it.
you can’t run from the truth forever.

i think jlo needs to casually date and have sex when she pleases.
her idea of love seems to differ from all of her past relationships.
i think they like the idea of “jlo”…

but can’t handle “jlo”,
if that makes sense.
it’s similar to how some of us date these days.
we like the idea of the person but it’s laced in fantasy.
she also needs to take a break from finding “the one”.
she breaks up with someone and jumps into another relationship at the speed of light.
like sis…

Did you take time to clear out the baggage from the last relationship?

she tends to become the males she dates too,
which makes me think she might not know who she is.
i don’t know who jlo with end up with next,
but i kinda think she needs to be with herself for a while.
“the one” might need her to do that so they can work.

lowkey: i have had so many males waste my time that i thought were “the one”,
i’m wondering if i’ll find anyone that will be what i’m looking for anymore.
the last wolf i was really interested in last year hurt my feelings tbh.
thank God i’m moving forward in optimism,
but it be hard yo.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “some of us date, do too much, and break up like jlo too (don’t laugh at her!)”

  1. I don’t feel sorry for Jhoe
    – Steals vocals
    – Steals songs
    – Attention whore
    – Unoriginal
    – Severely Vapid
    – Lowkey Anti-black if you pay close attention

    I know you shallow gays don’t care but I will continue to laugh at her! Bwahaha

      1. constantly stealing vocals / songs from black artists without giving credit
        Bronxgirlmagic hijacking the blackgirlmagic hashtag
        Ever since diddy has not dated a black dude (I mean being with him maybe traumatising but still)
        Doesn’t collaborate with black artists ever since 2010. If you’ve noticed.
        When Chadwick Boseman passed away the vapid, talentless hoe herself tweeted whining about not being able to buy a baseball team. She caught wind that people were dragging her and quickly tweeted about Chadwick.
        Calling herself a ‘negrita’ from the bronx

        She thinks she’s sly, I see right through that bitch.

      2. Also barely has black back up dancers anymore either too, especially since 2010. I mean look at the Superbowl, the difference between Shakira’s dancers and Jhoe’s backup dancers.

  2. I always thought this relationship was like the relationships of the old Hollywood days, manufactured for the media.
    And with the rise of social media, they took it to a whole ‘nother level! J-Lo keeps herself in the news, no matter how trivial. When you put your life out there so much, you are asking for trouble..especially with relationships. But Alex has always had a thing for blondes with big tits. That is his type. No black or Latino woman can provide the satisfaction he gets from that type.
    I find it a bit convenient that the relationship fell apart after he lost the bidding war to purchase the Mets.
    Even though he has his own, was he only in it for the monetary value she added? There’s a lot of questions there.
    I never thought he or Jeter were that great-looking, Give me Matt Kemp or Giancarlo Stanton any day! Lol

  3. She’s the PR Halle Berry. Beautiful, successful,
    stays breaking up… Something is def wrong w their ‘pickers’.

    Quiet as it’s kept, I’m about to apply to wife both of them. For a small wkly allowance, I’ll eat the box every night…

  4. I think “A-Rod is Bi Too” By the way, I think its too bad that they could not work it out. I have always thought JLO was one of the baldest females in the entertainment industry and can get any man to want to wife her up.

  5. Both of them have stupid money,always traveling and working, and they can have any man/woman they want, it usually never works out. I think A -rod is bi- , I may be wrong, that’s my opinion.

      1. With all due respect Jamari, but Jennifer does NOT seem submissive at ALL. She seems like she’d be the type to throw you on the bed and even without a strapon it’d feel like SHE was f*cking YOU. Did you NOT see her boyfriend Casper? That was a WHOLE bottom. A-Rod is the “manliest” looking of the men she’s been with. I’m sure she threw Marc Anthony’s small self around. I am sure she played with Diddy’s hole. I am sure she bossed Ben Affleck around.

        Jennifer gives me whips and chains and “Call me Big Mami!”. JUST SAYING.

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