i tried to dodge it but it came hard in my face

littttttttttttttttttterally tho.
i was waiting and pushing back,
prolonging and hoping it would go away,
but i knew it was coming sooner or later.
i’m sure many folks were feeling the same way tbh.

I knew I was gonna owe money on my taxes.

imagine being unemployed,
but still having to owe money for taxes.
i get back taxes,
but this year was much different.
well i did my taxes last night with karaoke and…

…I owe a gorgeous 2k.

i didn’t press “file” since may 17th is the tax deadline.
i was trying not to allow it to have me tilted,
but i’m a cancer.
you already know it was bound to stay on my mind.
all the “what ifs?” and “how ima dooz it?” bouncing around like ping pong in my brain.
 i’m wondering if this is why my owed unemployment hasn’t started back?
am i trapped in this vortex of…

“Do I need to do my taxes for last year before they do anything?”

i made my room feel extra cozy and been watching movies all day.
i managed to binge all the godzillas so i can watchkong vs godzilla“.
ima start that in a few.

sidebar: mortha thoooooooo…
why do i feel so she was underused in “godzilla: king of monsters”?
she was giving me phoenix vibes tho.

anything to keep my mental health boosted,
i’m gonna do.
i can’t afford to feel down in the dumps too.

One day soon,
money will come easily and frequently.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “i tried to dodge it but it came hard in my face”

  1. I know the feeling, I’m on a payment plan with them right now. I pray they don’t garnish my return this year. I owe them from when I filed in 2019.

    1. Me too! I owed $1100 in 2019. I got on a payment plan but try to pay more. My balance is down to less than $600 but I hope to have it knocked out by June. I actually WANT them to garnish my refund so that 2019 balance can be paid off without me having to earn the money, LOL. I am waiting until the last minute to file 2020 because I’m sure I will owe again…

  2. if you didn’t file for 2019, do that first. Then do your 2020 tax return
    unemployment is taxable, unless you asked taxes to be taken out
    if you still owe, request a payment plan

  3. If I remember right, Mothra lays an egg that lies dormant until she dies then the egg hatches into a larva with all her memories.

  4. Try not to panic (I know that’s damn near impossible) you are not the only one this is happening to, sadly ALOT of Americans were blind sided by this, all the people that had never been on Unemployment before but now are due to Covid, didn’t realize those big unemployment payments were being taxed, some people owe over 10k! The best thing to do is file the taxes but chose a payment plan! They can take as little as $20 a month, sure it’ll take forever but as long as you are on that plan they can’t do anything like garness wages, but honestly there’s so many tens of thousands that owe, that the chances of them “Going after you” are slim

    1. ^i gotta give a big shout out to the foxhole because lowkey,
      this shit had me bothered,
      but it’s the comments like this that make me feel more comfortable.

      thank you bryan for dropping this knowledge.
      i’m glad i’m not the only one dealing with this issue.
      karaoke has a job and she owes money too.
      she always been on her capricorn “whatever” energy tho 😂😂😂😂

  5. Watch Bad Trip on Netflix, it will make you laugh. Many tax filing forms haven’t been updated to reflect the stimulus bill exemptions for the first $10K of unemployment. Be sure the form you used was updated after mid. Feb 2021.

  6. That’s crazy they was suppose to calculate this years income and last year income to make sure you have a income return

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