zaddy2x2 wants ya’ll to see his feets in the nicest of footwear (ya’ll gotta pay for it tho)

why do i feel ^those are the official “fuck boi” footwear?
anytime i see a male mentioned in those kicks,
it’s always associated with shenanigans.
i’m all for folks into and invested in their sex work.
no one should be shamed for it,
but we will shame you for goofy behavior.
a foxholer sent me an alleged picture from zaddy2x2 onlyfans.
ya’ll love his feets and he loves slides.
he wants ya’ll to buy him these

so he claims he is the top 1.3% creators on onlyfans,
whatever that means.
( x see that here )
i’d hope that would entail he is racking in funds to at least put a down payment on a crib.
not only that,
he was bustin’ some cheeks in a scene on “see him fuck“.
( x see a clip here of him losing his mind )

You mean to font me that he can’t afford Balenciaga slides?

what would be crazy to me is ya’ll pay for them slides and he charges an extra fee to watch the feets video.
you know there is always a catch with some of these onlyfans sex workers.

lowkey: those slides look really basic.
i mean…
( x are you just paying for the name? )
nike slides would do more justice tbh.

9 thoughts on “zaddy2x2 wants ya’ll to see his feets in the nicest of footwear (ya’ll gotta pay for it tho)

  1. You post this colorist way too much. He literally only started fucking black women Bc people were digging him on Twitter for fucking only basic white girls lol.

  2. It’s all about the Balenciaga name. Those slides are more basic than basic. He’s…meh.

  3. The fact that ANYONE would even pay $300+ for them basic black rubber slides with “Balenciaga” written in Tacky lime green print, is terrifying! These labels are thee epitome of “Doing the least, for the Most”

    1. This.

      It used to be tacky to have name brands flashed all over things, but now that fast fashion has popped off, those old, rich, white, euro labels are all about using branding to stay relevant. And they know hoodrats who couldn’t even spell the labels without starting at them are the broke idiots who will keep them rich.

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