rumors aren’t true when he is black, straight, and powerful

in that tweet above,
carlton from the fresh prince of bel-air shook the table the other day.

whatever tyler perry did/has done bts has cartlon not interested.
cartlon stays in his lane and isn’t really problematic.
might the rumors we have heard about tyler have truth in them?
the other day,
busta rhymes’ bodyguard alleged that he’s on the DL.

i’ve heard those alleged whispers before,
especially from those who live in new yawk and work in the industry.

in passing,
i’ve heard many people talk about oprah but i didn’t want to believe it.

“Not our great aunt!!!!!!” I screamed.

diddy and jlo,
two exes caught in the spin cycle of the rumor mill,
have been getting exposed left and right.
weirdly enough,
more people believe oprah and jlo’s rumors than diddy and tylers.

i heard about ellen way before her downfall.
her rumors were legendary around those in hollywood circles.

Are rumors usually warning signs towards the truth tho?

i’ve learned that rumors can be truth,
have some truth,
or be blatant lies.
i have had rumors about my sexuality and well…

you have had rumors about you too.
i’ve heard rumors of regular people’s sexuality that were later confirmed.
they were praised as the giver but spoken down on as the receiver.

Ya’ll know when rumors of a masculine “straight” male gets topped,
the bottom shaming gets downright ugly.

whether they’re good or bad,
fact or fiction,
we can’t escape being in the rumor mill.
rumors can be lies crafted by people who hate us.
they can also be spread by victims who want everyone to know the truth.

in the black community,
many people tend to believe the rumors of vixens,
and gays but straight black males are protected until truly exposed.
even then…
my favorite defense:

“They’re just trying to bring rich and powerful black men down!
You know we don’t have a lot of them!
They were probably trying to buy BET.”

harvey weinstein,
jeffrey epstein,

even trump are presumed guilty because they are white.
their privilege as white males tends to protect them.
black church folks,
other straight black hyenas,
and pick me black gays and vixens will always protect the trash.
straight black males have become the straight white males in our community…

Do we not want to believe that many powerful black males can be the biggest hyenas?

…and does our lust,
or lack
coddle them from the truth?

1 thought on “rumors aren’t true when he is black, straight, and powerful

  1. Oh this rumor is as old as dirt Wendy Williams spilled that tea years ago when a guy called up on her show exposing Busta Rhymes. “Allegedly” he was at a d.l sex party “allegedly” so how the story goes they met at d.l sex party the guy gave him head and after that he punched the guy in the head and told him he better not tell anybody and if he did he would kill him and the was like Busta’s bipolarity totally caught him off guard he was considering suing him but he was afraid to do so at the time. So this right here does not surprise me at all just like Katt Williams said 2024 is the year when all the big dick deviants will be exposed.

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