speaking of diddy and his rumors…

you know when rolling stone gets to investigating ya.
so rolling stone was doing a 6 month deep dive on all things diddy and…

Lawd ham mercy.
i meannnnnnnnn…
we knew he had a younger usher in full blown debauchery but…

i’ve gone missing a few days but the neighborhood talk has been on it:

does diddy not realize every time he tries to look innocent,
“they” make sure to come for him?

he really needs to figure this out.
i highly doubt he is coming back to public stardom from this.
too many stories from victims and witnesses that are ready to start talking.
as someone who grew up in his reign of being a hit maker:

We all have a villain era.

it’s when we got fed up and started doing us.
we started fuckin’ with no apologies,
being bold with no fear,
and doing all the things we were scared to do before.
it just means understanding boundaries,
living unapologetically for our pleasure,
and cutting ties with the people pleasers within us.
i feel like diddy went a step above villain era and went full-blown demonic era.
i am curious tho:

What started Diddy down this path?

was it his parents?
did society not accept him when he was a nobody?

did he want power over the other demons who broke him?

does he hate vixens?
does he hate other males?


Does he hate everyone?

some are born; others are made.
was he always this person or was he made to be this hyena?
i had to wonder…

What is the real origin story of Diddy?

lowkey: imagine if rolling stone got jlo is next?

x read the full rolling stone article here

3 thoughts on “speaking of diddy and his rumors…

  1. Is anyone surprised? The entertainment, Hollywood, music industry, and corporate world have always operated this way. During my career, I encountered bosses and powerful individuals who made advances. It was a choice: comply or decline. Lawsuits were rare, and often, sleeping with them wasn’t necessary for employment. However, constant sexual harassment made me uncomfortable. Both men and women exploited this dynamic.

    Cassie’s experience was horrifying—physical violence and abuse. Thankfully, I never faced that. Still, 97% of the industry knows and either complies or leaves. Some bosses tire of pursuing you and eventually terminate your employment. To survive, you need diverse skills and resilience. Why the anonymity? People want to work without burning bridges. 😔

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