BcxqtmdIMAAw4XtScreen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.47.14 PMwhat?
she like 40 or so, right?
look she is a bad bitch.
one thing i gotta say about her tho,
the hustle is MEAN.
she became famous not being really talented at anything,
but she made it work.

4pm blhblowkey: you know she didn’t get on that 6 train tho.

AMAS: Where Pussy Dominated The Night It Seemed?

i wish i got to watch the amas with everyone last night.
you know i would have live tweeted the f out that joint.
well i was in mid air with no abc on that direct tv joint.
like how you gonna have every regular channel BUT abc?
well i just have to say i watched some of the performances and jlo did that.
she even had justin timberlake getting his fan girl on:

tumblr_mwtxw8Rjyj1s2usi4o4_400you know its good when a wolf is acting like that.
i also thought rihanna did good as well.
icon award?
yup this is still a beyonce and rihanna ran world.
everyone is saying katy perry is racist for her performance.
i gotta watch that next to see what all the hub bub is about.
im still in the middle of watching the rest of them.

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American Idol: Where The Girls Have Gone Wild

large-carey-minajit’s obvious mariah and nicki hate each other.
i thought it was for the show,
but i’m starting to think the feelings are legit mutual.
last night mariah subtly reminded nicki who the boss is:

nicki decided to subtly remind mariah who she is also…

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