American Idol: Where The Girls Have Gone Wild

large-carey-minajit’s obvious mariah and nicki hate each other.
i thought it was for the show,
but i’m starting to think the feelings are legit mutual.
last night mariah subtly reminded nicki who the boss is:

nicki decided to subtly remind mariah who she is also…

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 2.20.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 2.21.01 PM
i9050sdD4UGismariah still has more number ones tho.
i will say that nicki is more engaging on the show.
mc is really dull and doesn’t offer any constructive criticism.
as far as j.lo,
i think they miss her swag on the show,
but we know all know mariah hates her ass and the feeling is mutual:

tumblr_mm542dFcDU1s8thrfo1_500personally this should be the last season.
ai is beyond cooked.

lowkey: mariah is going to slap the taste out nicki mouth.
i can see them boxing pretty soon.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “American Idol: Where The Girls Have Gone Wild”

  1. Lmaoooo, I feel really bad for Nicki. Cause nobody fucks with her anymore,
    Mariah Carey has eighteen number one singles on the mainstream hot 100 chart. Nicki has yet to score one, and probably never will. I really can’t wait for this season to be over so Mariah can get the rest of her check, go and hurry and release this new album. There isn’t anything insecure abt Mariah besides her only wanting to be photod on her right side. Nicki is mentally ill and should seek help.

    I’m one of the biggest lambs out here and I personally love J.lo. I think she’s amazing as an entertainer, and they may hate in her voice but in 2013 she is still one of the only performers who can dance her ass off and deliver live vocals that sound decent, look at her 2011 AMA performance and her concert tours from last yr.

  2. Mariah hates Nicki. Mariah hates J Lo. Mariah hates XTina. Mariah hates Celine. What female pop singer doesn’t she hate?

    1. ^well there seems to be a pattern.

      i know christina has a nasty disgusting attitude and people just don’t like her at all.

      mariah doesn’t like j lo after tommy mottola stole “im real” and used jlo to replace her during that breakdown.

      celine and mariah don’t get along because celine had a bigger billboard than her during that divas live thing and mc was mad about it (don’t quote me on that but that was the alleged rumor).

      nicki complained mariah was nit picking at her and talking down to her.

      i love mc,
      but she could be the reason for her drama.
      nicki has her own crazy and their attitudes more than likely clashed.
      mariah seems to get along with more guys anyway.

  3. A lot of people must have forgot Mariah Carey is THE VOICE, as in the standard.

    She was at the top of her career in an era where even the mediocre talent trumps the top artists of today.

    I can promise you 10 years from now Mariah Carey will still be a legend and Nicki Minaj will be nothing more than a novelty that wore off.

  4. Mariah (Aries)
    J.Lo (Leo)
    Nicki (Sagittarius)

    I thought fire signs were supposed to get along? lol!

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