“Ummmm… Is Usher Straight or Gay?”

i didn’t ask.
she did:

tumblr_mhvb0yzUZJ1qanm80o1_500…thats my girl jenny mccarthy.
playboy veteran,
various tv show fame,
her own talk show on v-h1,
and my favorite:

jenny thinks usher is hot,
but she has a question for us…

“Is he for sure straight? Is he Bi? I think he’s hot. I would definitely be interested. I would have that unsure flag of which team he plays for, for real,” McCarthy shared during Huffington Post’s “Huff Post Live” earlier this week.

Explaining why she deems Usher a little questionable, McCarthy said it’s because Usher is very well kept and that makes him a little suspect.

“Guys that are really well kept like that, and aren’t really with that many chicks, I tend to have a question mark…,” she explained.


tumblr_mm3pj6iffX1r5lqijo1_250 tumblr_mm3pj6iffX1r5lqijo4_250care to answer ush?
i kinda hate when vixens do that tho.
crazy disrespectful.
i guess it’s only fair when they trying to ride your pipe.
lord knows they sleep with the masculine wolf who ends up likin pipe himself.

lowkey: i hear he likes them slim and educated.
he must have a thing for good brains.
as far as the “team”,
i’ll let you figure it out yourself.
on that note,
i’d let usher pop a few moves up in me.
he kinda short and he has a little tude.
he’d have to get that in check first.


um yeah.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Ummmm… Is Usher Straight or Gay?””

  1. Always pegged Usher as being bi. Not to mention the “reports” of him frequenting gay clubs out there. Either way he could get it anyway he wants…lol

  2. I never thought of usher as gay. The only thing that would EVER make me question his sexuality his his affiliation with Clive and puff. Other than that I never got a vibe from him

    1. While reading stories about Chris Kelly today I’m reading all these stories about Jermaine Dupree molesting Kriss Kross,Bow Wow,Chris Brown and Puffy molesting Usher Some guy molesting Omarion etc .I had never heard these stories before but then again I had never really followed these former teen stars.Is this just BS internet rumors ? I’m reluctant to believe this stuff because of the way these stories seem to link homosexuality to pedophilia.

      1. Wow, I thought I was the only one hearing this, I heard this same thing today as well, cant say that Im shocked at anything in the entertainment industry, but I really had never heard any of this before about Jermaine Dupri, I have heard the rumors about Puffy and Usher, just something to think about I guess. Usher has a gay vibe to me because he seems so bitchy, but he has never been attractive to me so the gays can have him. Uh Jenny have a seat, that is the most ridiculous thing, I have heard even for Hollywood, most celeb males keep themselves well groomed etc. as part of their job of being in the public eye. Thats like saying all no talent blondes are sluts which she would fall in the category, so please dont judge for this criteria.

    2. I don’t believe that with jermaine dupri. He seems too nice, i don’t think janet would involve herself with someone like that. But I have heard stories about jermaine. But I don’t believe them

  3. Yea, he’s down with the team for sure, and I have always wanted to pipe that ass.

    Usher is a bad man. Before Trey came along he was my dude, but he’s not that hot anymore musically.

    Just by looking at him I can tell that he knows how to get down. He’s a real freak. That ass is probably one of the best in the industry.

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