tyrese wants you to know it’s dark and his bedroom is hot

i was very lukewarm to tyrese when he first came out,
something about him turned me off and i didn’t know what.
one of my favorite songs of his is “sweet lady” tho.
as he became successful,
i started to fuck with him because of “baby boy” and his role on “fast and the furious“.
he plays “cocky and dumb wolf” really well.
not only that,
he’s packin’ a serious tail too…

over the years tho,
he has let his weird-ass attentionisto behavior ruin the fantasy.
some folks just should never speak.
his alleged home remedy for the rona doesn’t help make him less weird either…

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(Um) The New Girl Is Hot

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.11.39 PMso i don’t know about you,
but i’m in the middle of my “season 3/orange is the new black” binge.
well i have to say that the new vixen,
stella played by ruby rose,
is smokin’ hot.
i’m attracted to her for some odd reason.
is it me tho…
or does she give a heavy “angelina jolie”?

foXXX: Hello My Name Is “Cumz GetIt” (Nice 2 Meet U)

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 3.45.42 PMive named him.
uh huh.
i named him mister “cumz getit”.
in my head,
his mama knew what she was doing.
he does as well
(this is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”)…
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“Ummmm… Is Usher Straight or Gay?”

i didn’t ask.
she did:

tumblr_mhvb0yzUZJ1qanm80o1_500…thats my girl jenny mccarthy.
playboy veteran,
various tv show fame,
her own talk show on v-h1,
and my favorite:

jenny thinks usher is hot,
but she has a question for us…

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I Want To Make Some Sweet Hot Fire With You

i must have been the only one who liked:

Alicia-Keys-Girl-on-Fire1i didn’t agree with “girl on fire” being the first single.
although i did like the slower version:

don’t judge me.
the album was really what i needed at the time.
when she announced “fire we make” with maxwell would be her next single,
i was excited as hell because i love that song.
well she released the video today…

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